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The person that Qingdao is violated through accusing smoke byelaw will be punished 10 thousand the following amerce

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" rules of smoking of Qingdao city control " (next weighing " byelaw " ) obtain Shandong 1 day to save standing committee of 12 National People's Congress the 3rd times conference approval is passed, this makes Qingdao will become first the most severe city of Shandong accusing smoke. According to " byelaw " , prohibiting smoking the person that spatial smoking personnel and management smoke deregulation, will be in to fine.

This " byelaw " differentiate clearly to prohibit big kinds 6 smoking place, include: Undertake for the public social activity perhaps is offerred shop, meal, accommodation, medical treatment sanitation, education grooms, of the service such as recreational recreation fitness indoor public; Mechanism, enterprise institution, the indoor yard of social organization and other organization reachs elevator so, corridor, the public section such as dining-room; Be engaged in all sorts of buses of passenger transportation, cab, the train, the subway, light course, shipping, civil aviation implement etc room inside and outside is reached to await area inside public traffic tool, platform; Nursery school, school of middle and primary school, orgnaization of health care of women and children, children hospital, the area of room inside and outside of the room that children welfare courtyard basically offers minor activity to perhaps provide a service for minor with etc; Culture, numerous banquet of the indoor area of sports activity place and room exterior and act art, than competion area region; ? Law, what code sets is other prohibit smoking place.

With what announced on December 14, 1995 " Qingdao city urban district is public prohibit smoking regulation " photograph comparing, to violating the act that ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade sets, " byelaw " condemnatory strength increases somewhat. Among them, the citizen is prohibiting smoking spatial smoking does not listen dissuade, by control smoking superintendency branch is instructed correct, be in 200 yuan amerce. The operator of place of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade and controller violate byelaw to set, instruct deadline to correct by superintendency branch, give a warning; Exceed the time limit does not correct, will be in 1000 yuan of above 10 thousand yuan of the following amerce; The clue is serious, will be in 10 thousand yuan of above 30 thousand yuan of the following amerce.

The reporter understands, this " byelaw " apply since September 1, 2013, before this " Qingdao city urban district is public prohibit smoking regulation " abolish at the same time.

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