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Volunteer accusing smoke goes into the street to publicize smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline to the citizen

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: This city accuses smoke volunteer team first times to was on busy streets street yesterday, to the citizen propagandist tobacco endangers knowledge. Standing vice-chairman Xu Guihua says association of Chinese control smoking, the end that holds an activity is to should wake up more peoples to dare to be opposite beside secondhand smoke says " not " .
   Yesterday afternoon, more than 100 by the undergraduate, high school student, disease accuses a staff member to comprise this city accuses smoke volunteer team first times, come to park of the Temple of Heaven, well of king government office (600859, ) , abstruse body center, south alley of gong and drum, the park with the concentrated stream of people such as shopping mall of 3 lis of collect reachs shopping centre, they are worn imprint have " be smoked, I do not work " the unlined upper garment of bright red lubricious T-shirt of model of written characters, extend to associate with citizen and tourist of China and foreign countries secondhand the propagandist material that smoke endangers, the enthusiasm that attracted numerous public is participated in, a lot of citizens also are in in succession " be smoked, I am not dry " sign gravely on mobile album, and with accept as a souvenir of volunteer group photo, express to support.
   Investigation shows, suffer in the whole nation " secondhand smoke " the philtrum of the harm, 67.3% be in the family, 63% be in yard place, 72.7% it is to be in public. Standing vice-chairman Xu Guihua points out association of Chinese control smoking, woman and children are secondhand the main victim of smoke, but the person that great majority does not smoke is in face secondhand when smoke is endangered, often hinder at face, courtesy lacks the courage that the station comes out to check, or adopt be borne silently or choose to leave, dare not safeguard oneself to close right increase. The text that we organize a volunteer to undertake street is publicized is " life, healthy, the right " , catchword is " be smoked, I do not work! " , its purpose wakes up more peoples ceaselessly namely, be brave in to safeguard oneself health rights and interests, in yard place, public face secondhand smoke dares to say " not! " , work to be in place, the public person that smoke, dare active advise their snuff butt or leave indoor.
   Current, china has the 300 million person that smoke, 740 million person gets secondhand smoke harm, every year 1.2 million person dies at nicotian and relevant disease. The person that smoke not only the health that damages oneself, what when they smoke, arise is secondhand smoke, also can cause a harm to the person that do not smoke, cause the malignant tumor such as lung cancer, slow block lung, cardiovascular disease, the serious illness such as cerebral blood-vessel disease, can endanger pregnant woman especially, the health of baby and children. Research makes clear, with the female that the person that smoke lives jointly, suffer from lung cancer odds to compare ordinary person tower above 6 times; 20% ~ the lung cancer patient of 30% is by " secondhand smoke " cause.


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