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Preliminary research is contemplative training is effective to smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline

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Because smoking dies,have the more than 5 people of 1 million every year. Search can effective, short-term undertakes the measure extremely urgent of interpose to smoking behavior and desire.

According to Medscape medicine news on August 7 message, " American country academy of sciences courtyard print " a when publish new research shows, undertake contemplative exercise can decrease effectively 2 weeks to smoke and restrain smoking desire.

Russia straps this research discovery of ridge university, the person that smoke undertakes 5 hours in all inside two weeks of time " integral body and mind adjusts law " (IBMT) is contemplative training, their cigarette wastage will be compared contemplative before decrease at most 60% . And use those who loosen cure to contrast group, its smoking circumstance did not see improvement. Study one of leaders, heart city nerve is video association director Tang Yiyuan (sound) the doctor earlies childhood: Accept what IBMT trains to suffer the person that try, to the longing of cigarette degree also is reduced greatly.

"Contemplative and OK stimulative ego commands force, have positive effect to attention, and can make experience of ego inside and outside more broad. We think, contemplative have certain help to solving addiction symptom probably. Contemplative have certain help to solving addiction symptom probably..

Suffer the person that try: The effect of contemplative training still lasts after interpose ends

Ego pilot shortage is medicaments abuse and the possibility that become addiction one of reasons. Accordingly, the scientist tries to explore, whether can the interpose measure that can raise ego to control capacity is opposite smoking behavior produces an effect.

Investigator people point out, contemplative training has shown pair of medicaments abuse to have certain effect, but the research of associate with is put in certain limitation. If lack conditional control, the choice of participator not random, the change that did not evaluate corresponding biology index.

Already had research proof, integral body and mind adjusts law (namely IBMT therapeutics) with the relaxation of coequal intensity therapeutics photograph is compared, can alleviate pressure, arouse positive sentiment, raise attention, increase ego to command force. Investigator people through contrasting randomly the experiment undertook making an on-the-spot investigation further to the effectiveness of IBMT therapeutics. In the volunteer of advertisement recruit, 27 are the person that smoke, 33 are the person that be not smoking. All sufferring random cent is the person that try two groups, accept IBMT respectively therapeutics and loosen therapeutics. Every groups suffer the person that try to all accept two weeks corresponding treatment, time of add up to is 5 hours.

Experimental interpose around, all participator all accept the test of carbon monoxide level. Undertake to the cerebra of experimental object resonance of functional sex magnetism is become at the same time picture (FMRI) scanning, reduce the mechanism of cerebral department change that concern in order to explore with smoking.

Cerebral ministry is become show like the result, before IBMT intervenes, before ministry of head of the person that smoke includes, buckle bring back (ACC) and forehead are coriaceous (PFC) inside other area, mobile level relatively the person that be not smoking all has decrease. And 2 interpose two week hind, cerebral ministry ACC, PFC is mid reach PFC forehead to fall to all have with activity of the side outside the abdomen increase.

In the experiment the 2nd week, all around along with in visitting, the smoking after 5 classics IBMT intervenes is measured greatly reductive participator says, the effect of contemplative training still lasts after interpose ends.

Investigator: IBMT or can reduce smoking behavior effectively

IBMT is not force participator to restrain smoking desire or smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, the control desire with the own person that make smoke through raising ego to control capacity however reachs smoking action.

Investigator says, because its are right,promote action from what accuse force, even if the crowd that wants cigarette of Buddhist monastic discipline not actively to those, IBMT may reduce the happening of smoking behavior effectively. And, IBMT also has certain help probably to the other addiction symptom beyond smoking.

MichaelPosner emphasizes one of research initiator say: The action that we still cannot decide IBMT can last how long. Current discovery is abecedarian research result only. The effect that measures to make reduce smoking goes down continuously, or the goal that achieves complete ring smoke, the person that smoke needs to insist to have contemplative practice inside very long time probably.

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