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Expert introduction: Wine of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline can prevent senile deaf

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 u=1466012197,859193562&fm=23&gp=0.jpg  Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline maintains to ear the sense is great; Blow nose correctly can prevent eardrum to affect... ear regards airframe physiology system as a medium vitals, once deaf happens, cause huge to people, lifelong even and painful. For this, dong Yuli of institute of ear-nose-throat of armed police hospital teachs a proposal, notice the health care of ear at ordinary times, ill to preventing ear happening holds normal hearing thereby, have important sense.    Abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline maintains to ear the sense is great   Expert introduction, smoke wine has harm effect to auditory nerve, especially the nicotine in cigarette enters blood, can make small hemal convulsion, haemal circulation is slow, viscosity increases, cause inner ear to offer hematic inadequacy, close to thereby hair deaf; In addition, feed more contain zinc, iron, the food with rich calcium, can reduce the shortage of microelement, conduce to outspread capillary thereby, the blood that improves inner ear is supplied, prevent audition to drop. Had fed less sweet, the food with heavy flavour, prevent arteriosclerosis to produce inner ear to be short of blood, bring about audition to drop.    Precautionary old age is so deaf, must take a few step, postpone the process of aural system consenescence. If notice food, reduce fat appropriately kind food, abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, fall hematic fat, disease of heart and vessels of prevention and cure, avoid to contact strong noise, the attention strikes a proper balance between work and rest, keep pleasurable, have proper sports activity.    Blow nose correctly can prevent eardrum infection   Professor Dong Yuli gave out to suggested at 4 o'clock below:    It is to correct the undesirable habit that digs ear;    2 it is to encounter mosquito, fly, bedbug, ant, small beetle, the winged insect pleasant to hear of small cockroach and so on, use wine or kill;    3 it is the method that correct control blows nose, treat acute of the upper respiratory tract in time to affect at the same time, and chronic rhinitis, paranasal sinus is phlogistic, hypertrophy of gland shape form and chronic tonsil are phlogistic wait, in order to reduce the chance that eardrum affects, exercise, enhance a constitution, prevent infection of the upper respiratory tract; 4 it is proper motion when buying medicine to use, advertent manual, if ear noxiousness medicaments, the proposal undertakes taking below the doctor's guidance.


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