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Control blood pressure the most crucial it is wine of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: "At present the whole world exceeds the adult of 1/3 to have high blood pressure, this one rate rises as the age and lift, 50% is as high as in person of more than 50 years old. " this is occupied come from the information that released on world wholesome day on April 7 this year. To it corresponding is, the research that each country of bound of old future world begins on hypertension of prevention and cure also countless. Join a number among them most, the domestic blood pressure with the longest duration measures research, be not Japan " large force studies " not belong to.
10 thousand people attend, last a period of time 30 years
Go up century 80 time, because climate is chilly, the excessive of salinity is absorbed and animal sex albumen and absorb the reason such as inadequacy adiposely, area of large force of city of Japanese steamed twisted roll became the much hair area in hypertension and cerebral soldier. County of Japanese cliff hand establishs Yong Jingqian of dean of large force hospital one doctor and his old schoolmate, of northeast university today the idea that embellish doctor produced the well to let a dweller measure blood pressure oneself in the home. Subsequently, today Doctor Jing Run contacts ohmic dragon company, offerred tonometer of 300 family expenses freely for the large force dweller at that time, then, with today the research project that Doctor Jing Run is a center is started formally. This one project is begun from 1986, what last 27 years unexpectedly to now is long, participate in a number to exceed 11 thousand person, and still continueing up to now.
The 3 big verdict that large force studies
The blood pressure that lasts a few years as tracks research, the data that collects also is huge. After researcher is analysed, reached 3 great conclusion:
1. Put forward a family to measure the fiducial value of blood pressure oneself first, become the main source of international standard. Consider to discover, when mortality rises to maximum, corresponding systole is pressed for 137 millimeter mercuric column, diastolic pressure is 84 millimeter mercuric column. Accordingly, consider to put forward, the family should be 137/84 millimeter mercuric column from the fiducial value that measures blood pressure, once exceed this value, it is hypertension when the definition. This one conclusion becomes hypertension of formulate of Euramerican each country to treat one of referenced data of the guideline later.
Why to meet to this one value under the millimeter of hypertensive standard 140/90 with the at present widest conduct propaganda mercuric column, gongtian of president of department of career of ohmic Long Jiankang is fond of one man explanation to say, when the hospital measures blood pressure, because be opposite,the patient is met hospital, of the doctor dread and arise " effect of white unlined long gown " , bring about hematic pressure ratio to lift somewhat at ordinary times, so the standard of domestic high blood pressure is met slightly low.
2. Measure blood pressure photograph to compare with hospital place, domestic blood pressure and relationship of risk of cardiovascular disease death are closer. The result shows, in what the home measures systole period blood pressure, the dependency that takes above average and cardiovascular death risk 3 times is the biggest. In addition, measure blood pressure photograph to compare with hospital place, original the dependency with 2 as apparent as dead risk existence also average.
3. Opposite hospital measures blood pressure, domestic blood pressure can forecast risk of the fit in cerebral soldier better. Dog on average period the research discovery for 10.6 years, if the systole of blood pressure of early morning family is pressed in 135 millimeter mercuric column, the risk that has cerebral block rises apparently; Although hospital place measures blood pressure to also be shown,close with positive of cerebral block risk, but do not have statistical sense however.
Wine of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is to accuse to press a key
In addition, the other positive result that large force studies, still reflect go up in the guidance to healthy habits and customs.
Drink everyday 180 milliliter, early morning blood pressure is apparently elevatory. Drink everyday more than 180 milliliter (alcohol content is equivalent to 22 grams) a large number of drinking crowds, compare with photograph of the person that do not drink, the blood pressure after getting up 2 hours is higher, and blood pressure also indicates high cost continuously by day.
Passive smoking brings about blood pressure heighten 4 millimeter mercuric column. Mix in the home accept in the unit secondhand the passive smoking crowd of smoke, the contractive pressure ratio of early morning is not passive smoking crowd tall 4 millimeter mercuric column; Accept in the home only secondhand the systole of the person that the person of smoke smokes than be not passivity presses tower above to make an appointment with 3 millimeter mercuric column.
Often eat a fruit, hypertensive incidence of a disease is reduced 60% . Absorb incidence of a disease of fruity person hypertension to reduce in great quantities 60% . And, exceed 25 in constitutional index in exceeding heavy crowd, difference more apparent
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