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Smoke of give up of employee of hurried of 100 things coke reduces weight not auditor amerce

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: 100 things coke spent 17 million dollar to object to levy of carbonic acid beverage, be in to fat staff however in order to fine.
   4 years ago, 100 things coke rolled out a healthy plan to employee, if employee smokes or suffer from with fat and relevant disease, be like diabetic with hypertension, have to the fine that every month pays 50 dollars. If employee does not want to be punished, have to enter curricular study how smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline or reduce weight. Last year the beginning of the year, 100 things coke is in new York probably 400 bottle worker and truckman express to object.
   And the product that faces oneself is collected so called " sin duty " when, 100 things coke objected however. 2009, united States Congress needs to plan market fund for medical treatment reform, decide then to levy of carbonic acid beverage. American disease control and the data that prevent a center make clear, the American adult of 35% above and the young weight of 17% exceed bid; 2008, american handles fat issue (cure is diabetic because of,mix fat unemployment) expenditure amounts to 147 billion dollar. 30 cities prepare to undertake legislation leaves later impose tax of carbonic acid beverage, reason is protective dweller health, increase finance income at the same time.
   According to data of center of public interest science, 100 things coke is in 2009-2011 year spent lobby of 17 million dollar to object this taxation in all, and since 2009, 100 things coke, coke Cola and the go canvassing amount that altogether of American beverage association spends are as high as 70 million dollar. Current, still did not have which state legislation to pass this taxation in the United States.
   De Sigao of spokesman of 100 things coke says: "Authority is clear, fat a kind of product is not caused, however a variety of elements cause. " the amerce that weighs 50 dollars is not duty of a kind of sin, "Which company does not hope his employee is healthy, active up? Active up??


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