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Dissuasive smoke old person visits 245 towns 12 years

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Zhang Yue (left) smoke of person give up encourages in car terminal

Net of smoke of Chinese give up tells about 50 years old to you old person, all previous classics 12 years, visit 245 towns, it is only persuade people drop smoke; Detailed situation is as follows:

Full name: Zhang Yue

The age: 50 years old

Pay close attention to reason: The China that be called turns over smoke the first person, taking one paper to turn over smoke enunciative visit the throughout the country. 12 years turn over smoke in 245 cities early or late. The ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade of its individual moves, had made a powerful brand.

On October 24, afternoon at 3 o'clock, car terminal, a youth is placing smoke in the hand, both hands hind is carried on the back, wait together with the girlfriend. A middleaged man goes youth backside, took away the smoke in youth hand stealthily, frightened the youth jump.

Youth face about comes, middleaged person raises a piece of paper after model passing in the hand,

"Hello, I am China turns over smoke Zhang Yue of the first person. Smoking is harmful and healthy, ask you not to smoke again later. " subsequently, zhang Yue is given on oneself calling card, writing awesomely above: Cheer " smokeless world rich " , china turns over smoke Zhang Yue of the first person is acting...

Dongguan turns over smoke smoke civilian is consulted round him " classics of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline "

24 days, zhang Yue comes to Dongguan, the 245th his turns over smoke city.

Had not dropped travelling bag, zhang Yue finds our newspaper, "I should publicize smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline in Dongguan, the hope gets " Dongguan times " help. The hope gets " Dongguan times " help..

That day afternoon, he comes to car terminal, begin his operation that turn over smoke. He is not Feng Yanmin " turn over " , "Went up the person of age, the thought compares become rigid, make smoke of their give up very difficult. Make smoke of their give up very difficult..

Zhang Yue decided lock of the first his dissuasive object a youth, "Hello, I am China turns over smoke Zhang Yue of the first person, smoking is harmful and healthy, ask you not to smoke again later. Ask you not to smoke again later..

The youth did not pay attention to Zhang Yue, zhang Yue has taken out the paper after model, give on oneself calling card, introduce oneself again to that youth, take out all sorts of data from knapsack at the same time, persuade a youth the butt in refuse hand.

The youth is not paid attention to, continue, zhang Yue work with perseverance, the youth threw away finally the butt in the hand.

Zhang Yue says, turn over since smoke is so old, all sorts of circumstances had been encountered, awkward, a thick soup that close the door is constant some thing. Turn over smoke about in car terminal after half hour, the people of the station pays close attention to gradually remove this middleaged person to come.

Before a 28 road cars, the person around Zhang Yue is increasing, "Have the method of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline with good what, I am firm smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline two days. " angular " 80 hind " ask.

"Without, I do not make commodity promotion, also do not do business, make conduct propaganda of a ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade however. Everybody knows smoking is bad, know hard Buddhist monastic discipline of a craving for tobacco, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline does not have a method, see you do not think however. " Zhang Yue says.

Smoke civilian gives knowledge of smoke of propagandist give up in place besides the station, zhang Yue still is chasing after the person that smoke, ask they are refuse the cigarette in the hand. "Often encounter this kind of situation, I am dissuasive a long time, he two ear are not heard. " the awkwardness that Zhang Yue tells about him to turn over smoke to encounter to the reporter.

The action that turn over smoke is being taken " instead smoke is enunciative " visit the throughout the country

In the bookshops thinks Zhang Yue becomes folk to turn over smoke the first person, of the little sister dying is him those who turn over smoke among them a reason.

1988, little sister of 26 years old suffers from Zhang Yue brain tumor dies, 1996, he is in " reference news " on see an article, the children that speaks of smoking person suffers from leukaemia, the odds of cerebral cancer and lymphatic cancer is bigger. And Zhang Yue's father, it is a senior smoke civilian.

1996, he begins to turn over smoke, the object is his directly-related members of one's family -parents. He and father " mae a few regulations to be observed by all concerned " , requirement old person is absent wife, smoke before children and grand children, next father of help sb to get over his worries, little brother and smoke of give up of wife's younger brother.

1999, he begins to lift folk " the motion that turn over smoke " , go each countrywide cities encourage smoke of person give up.

2001, zhang Yue is in " magazine of Chinese health care " expressed a 4000 words " instead smoke is enunciative " , call him " Chinese folk turns over smoke the first person " .

" turn over smoke enunciative " after publishing, he feels his " the action that turn over smoke " should enlarge whole society completely. And expand the operation that turn over smoke into brand of a commonweal nowadays, it is the thing that Zhang Yue did not think of at the outset.

1999 up to now 12 years, zhang Yue has been to Beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, the 200 many cities of countrywide such as Nanjing turn over smoke, include Tibet, hong Kong, macao, the form of active Zhang Yue. "Zhang Yue is acting " ascended a CCTV, zhang Yue street persuades the photograph of smoke, became each front page of big media.

Zhang Yue says his goal, be " turn over smoke enunciative " in distributing the whole nation small town, he wants the power of media of have the aid of, make the progress that turn over smoke " the country acts " .

The awkwardness that turn over smoke is misunderstood to return within an inch of to be in charge of to hit by the city by cool detachment

24 days afternoon, the Zhang Yue action turning over smoke in car terminal, did not get very large support. Controlled at 4 o'clock that day afternoon, 30 come year old middleaged person sees him Zhang Yuechao goes, threw away instantly the cigarette in the hand, look steadily forward, when Zhang Yue it is air same. "Do not have method, what kind of person can be encountered. " the aloof attitude of smoke civilian, make Zhang Yue very helpless.

Someone says, the Chinese's quality is poorer, it is one of matters that return smoke to compare difficulty. But Zhang Yue does not agree with this kind of view, "Quality discretion and whether to smoke to did not concern, foreign smoke civilian is quality certain taller than the Chinese? foreign smoke civilian is quality certain taller than the Chinese??

Once, be in a park of Shanghai. Zhang Yue snuff the smoke of a foreigner, this makes a foreigner very rusty.

Zhang Yue says: "No Smoking, no Smoking. No Smoking..

The foreigner indissolubles: "Did not say not to let smoke here. "Did not say not to let smoke here..

Zhang Yue is refuted instantly, here also did not say to let homicide, but can commit murder in this, foreigner immediately be rendered speechless.

"I do not know a foreign language, a reporter that is Shanghai gives me the translation. " speak of the experience that turns over smoke, zhangyue enraptured.

Since turning over smoke, zhang Yue's controversy is ceaseless. Someone says Zhang Yue turns over smoke, violated the freedom that other smokes; Return somebody to say, zhang Yue turns over smoke, it is a show nevertheless. But who can be made beautiful do 10 old?

Besides, zhang Yue turns over smoke, suffer crude treatment possibly still. Because of him abrupt " assault " , scaring a person easily. More let Zhang Yue feel awkward, it is the action that turn over smoke in Qingdao.

At that time, zhang Yue Xiang Yanmin extends material of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, caused smoke civilian surround view, this lets local city be in charge of insecurity to rise, "They think I am to sending the handbill, enrage roaring ground to me, the fist since brandish is about to hit. After making the introduction to them, also do not misunderstand me. Also do not misunderstand me..


Family special do not understand me

Dongguan times: Oppose smoke move, does family support?

Zhang Yue: Family special do not understand, if folk understands, I can have greater power. Average woman is little experience, they hope to have a home, had earned money an easy life of a small family.

Although the family compares difficulty, two children attend a college, indebted 10 much, but must of the action that turn over smoke has sacrifice. Chairman Mao for revolution, 6 people sacrificed in the home, I for smokeless action, affirmation should sacrifice, average person cannot make this kind of sacrifice.

Dongguan times: Why to make this kind of sacrifice to turn over smoke?

Zhang Yue: The likelihood is the nature makes like that, the disposition of a person was destined the business that his this all one's life should do. I had smoked a cigarette all one's life, very afflictive. I am fed up with smoke flavour as a child, and be fed up with others smoking.

10 old before, I see on newspaper, the person smooth China that says to die every year because of smoking has 120 much, because suck secondhand the person that smoke dies, (China) have 100 thousand every year. Let others suck secondhand smoke is very immoral thing, but anybody is not sucked impossibly secondhand smoke, unless you are waited for,do not go out in the home. This also is the one big reason that I turn over smoke.

"Turn over smoke " the effect is not particularly good

Dongguan times: To the whole nation 200 many cities turn over smoke, the effect how?

Zhang Yue: Not be particularly good, generally speaking, I wait for two days only in a city, reach the place with their the most concentrated population. Will two the world what to effect you can have? Generally speaking, I give smoke civilian to send the material of 100 respects that turn over smoke, the meeting is refuse 10% , refuse 10% .

Everybody knows smoking is harmful and healthy, and smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is very painful. Know smoking is bad to the body obviously, but why be sucked even? I visited 200 many towns, I grab the smoke in their hand, it is the effect that lets them have a profundity.

"Turn over smoke " funds comes from mostly

Of social personage contributory

Dongguan times: To the whole nation 200 many cities turn over smoke, funds supports?

Zhang Yue: My wife, father special this action that opposes me, say to do this to play meaning is only beautiful money does not earn money, the support that should get them is very difficult.

My directly-related members of one's family -parents is medium 1996, have 11 people smoking. Await me to encourage smoke of their give up in those days, next one pace walks over, let my make it finally a brand that turn over smoke. Have the support of a lot of society force, development arrives at present this degree, complete beyond my expect.

A lot of people think I have funds to support rear, it is my person is being done only actually. Imprint calling card, data, accommodation, food, car stay away from home, it is myself draws out money. But I am accomplished today, a significant gain is, the railroad of countrywide each district, car, bus, the vehicle such as civil aviaton can be my free of charge, this make me very proud.

Today (24 days -- the reporter is noted) a staff member of Dongguan Ministry of Public Health gives contributory 100 money, my funds, what come from social personage mostly is contributory. Come to Dongguan for instance, live night 20 money, two days of food 20 money, should solve this only at 2 o'clock, I can take every place of China.

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