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Smoke of care of manage desorption smoke civilian

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    Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Last year the Mid-autumn Festival, unit hair gift gives from retired old people, have advanced cigarette among them, everybody is 5 packets. Allegedly value does not poor! I send a person it. The brand is disadvantageous bright say, lest assume advertisement suspicion. Still have an its: that concerns with cigarette? Boat flatter brags ナ of Ping of mother of instrument of formic Si of Qiang of clear  cheek having enough involves body target " object sole   flags  of sword of copy of mulberry  Xie angries what bewildered  attacks Hui of  of  of level ground # wishs  agent twinkling. Stalk of  Mei aunt bakes choke? . . Ah. . . Young white ruffian person, analogy points to cigarette also!


   Cigarette is almost to the person's attraction and temptation hard of Yan Yu. It is the odour that comes from Yu Fenfang. Open cigarette case, aroma 4 excessive, each cell of your smoking lover can cheer caper! 2 it is to come from at special feel. Point to a cigarette that placing light clever softness, cheerful your kind offer raises in the heart. 3 it is to come from the joy at be based on a vision. Faint have like that be intoxicated chicly. 4 it is a mouth in full-bodied and " beautiful " acrid. Suffering is the five flavors (all sorts of joys and sorrows is salty) one of. Otherwise, why does people love to feed balsam pear to suffer from dish and so on? I think, smoking lover has different kind.

   It is mist of the accept that swallow the cloud model, smoke and mist all enter heart lungs! This result ever practiced hard when I am young: Do deep breathing first a certain number of second, all say the energy of life of lung next, go all lengths quickly, flue gas to the greastest extent inspiratory lung, do not have slightly stay, spit from oral cavity; Make its enter lung 2 times from nostril again, so ceaseless...

   2 it is vocal mimicry blows smoke model, aerosol stays a little in the mouth, come back to be spat namely! Spit moment, have very much exquisite: or the circle that billows into surface, or receive dragon into what annulus annulus photograph buckles, the film " Bai Guang " in have one scene: The skill saying smoke of master, make a person cry really absolutely, acclaim as the peak of perfection! In every case has seen novel or homonymic movie should won't forget...

   3 it is hand ability enjoys smoke model: Those who kiss smoke is happy, in " hand " be absent " mouth " . Cigarette clip points to at the hand, or twist, or hold, or play, or knead, if Sun Wu is empty,play flexibly golden cudgel is general.

  Different clip smoke, contain smoke and whisk smoke pose, the message that come out is different. Does the expert say: ? Sunken wake otter protects frame of  of elder brother of obituary of χ of  of school of obituary of  of school of obituary of  dispute street washing with watercolors! The otter that hold  high protects  zinc to censure choke   falls frame of  of  of Ш of Wan of Cuo   !

   Say to place smoke first. Smooth point to clip. In the woman, rich and missish justice, in the man, contain a lot ofthe flavour that parade one's wealth! And curved pose pointing to clip, average performance is the spirit with elegant or inadvertently idle. Point to clip as to the circle, show thoughtful daydream silent to read aloud fully. . . Wait a mood a moment. What need dilatancy particularly is the pose of whisk smoke. : Holding cigarette when forefinger and big toe, with cigarette of clap of middle finger fingernail, it is middle finger whisk namely.

This is the commonnest whisk smoke skill. Forefinger whisk, not be common. Below the status that holding cigarette with the section in middle finger and big toe finger tip, play index finger from end of big toe side piece, the cigarette of lay a finger on with appropriate weight is mid, your cigarette ash drops. Pose of smoke of the 3rd kind of whisk is seldommer saw.

Placing smoke with forefinger and middle finger, point to the mother to finger tip withstands part of the part in middle finger, weight is played aptly attack stub, your cigarette ash drops. Say commonly, middle finger whisk, traditional interest is strong, appear experienced cautious; Forefinger whisk, fashionable avant-courier, have bull-puncher demeanor; Big toe whisk, have leisurely and comfortable and cultured, unmindful emotional appeal. Beyond person Yi Ran! Destroy for example smoke, lose smoke to wait to also have different pose each, skill and emotional appeal. Have some of person that smoke, "A smoke, smoke a long time, a packet of smoke smokes " of half an year, I think accidental mingle with men of knowledge and pose as a lover of culture of " of their put under " . They are the itch in heart of smoking seeing a person just!

   The hard Buddhist monastic discipline of a craving for tobacco, basically also come from at these respects. Strange is, wen Yanchang often compares smoking inviting; Finger stays sweet more inviting than aerosol; The feel that points to a clip smoke makes a habit, do not place smoke to be condition in the report in brain unusual -- some kind of missing feeling; The sort of if not have,has be accustomed to sth pain in the mouth moxa flavour, be regarded as abnormal few by cerebrum weak.

Hand of with one action, a face, of finger wear fragrant floating in the air and come, refreshing; Smoke is friendly people backside slander is discussed, form the dread in the heart of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline; ... together with smoke is friendly people invite sent offensive enthusiasticly, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline person psychological line of defence often is kept out hard! Wait a moment so. Smell, taste, touch, vision... collect firm psychology to depend on! Be this kind is depended on, make numerous smoke civilian in beating the bitter battle in smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline!

   We be used to with big country pose as, whatever, good pursuit " most " word! According to the report, our country is the world's biggest nicotian production country and consumptive country. Only nicotian, china male crouch 8 worlds the first: Flue-cured tobacco grows an area the first, world of flue-cured tobacco crop the first, flue-cured tobacco grows speed world the first, cigarette produce and sale measures the world the first, cigarette grows speed world the first, smoking number world the first, smoking number increases quantitative world the first grow speed world with cigarette tax the first.

China has 3. 200 million smoke civilian, take world smoke civilian. The 25 % of gross, nicotian production occupies 35 % of the whole world, nicotian sale occupies 32 % of the whole world, cigarette produces per year a quantity to amount to 1. 7 trillion. The sales volume of the amount of the person that smoke and cigarette also ranks the world allegedly most! Nevertheless, instantly, young person smokes, smoke of old people give up is regarded as style, this is true. I begin to smoke at 50 time end, meantime 20 the coming year. Make a load on one's mind with what smoke concerns many, and even can't bear turn one's head! My smoking most lobar fine bubble and airy contact, make lung get rid of the stale and take in the fresh (absorb oxygen, eduction carbon dioxide) difficult with each passing day, gradational decrease! Then asthmatic, flustered, asthma, faint, dazed, anorexia, cyanosis, be addicted to sleeps, the symptom followings sb's heels and come etc. Hematic oxygen is little, the heart gets cerebrum dictates: "Work doubly, absorb more oxygen, need in order to furnish all over! Need in order to furnish all over!!

Then, the heart does not have sunset night overwork work; Stem from tobacco tar cut off, cardiac works overtime and can not alleviate anoxic state, consequently the heart also is not had in order to rest. ... eventually because exhaustion is excessive and meet with contracts heart disease, say from respect of cause of formation, the name is " heart disease of lobar former sex " , abbreviation lung anxiety! Lobar anxiety patient, die at finally anoxic and asphyxial! Elder brother of my a front of a garment is in rescue, he is this ill specimen. I have a friend to ever helped a person had made ad of cigarette of Buddhist monastic discipline, know by the truth much also. Nevertheless, from realise practice, this " leap " the so easy implementation that is not like an imagination! Hook in fosters unit colleague to flow first. Nevertheless, the mistake does not push others, blame him unwisdom: At the beginning of 60 time, hospital doctor admonishs I say " lobar grain is added thick, not good of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline lobar anxiety... " !

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