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   "China accuses smoke to honor the agreement high-level seminar " hold in Beijing, more than 100 experts attending the meeting such as Chen Zhu are passed consistently and signed " governmental set oneself an example to others, achieve smokeless environment in all " proposal, appeal state office each ministries and commissions is the first ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade (on December 16 " capital times " ) .

   Chen Zhu regards Ministry of Public Health as the minister, also be a government the palm door person of one branch, most propbably begins set oneself an example to others to create smokeless environment from Ministry of Public Health, estimation does not have a problem. We are appetent each ministries and commissions heads national office from consider of ethical health great undertaking, also mix for oneself beside the health of other, shoulder be in charge of be the first heavy ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade; Mix with oneself perseverance example action, drive provincial institution, city class mechanism, prefectural class mechanism, mechanism of villages and towns group case answer, join procession of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline; Make smoke civilian less and less, those who let us live the environment is normaller and normaller.

   Chen Zhu regards the medicine that enjoys good reputation as the scientist, the harm to cigarette is know sth like the palm of one's hand certainly, deep abhor absolutely. Come 30 years, "World smokeless day " in us here exists in name only, to smoke civilian be without a tie, "Control smokes, reduce poverty " , "In public go up not to smoke with public traffic tool " , "Want tobacco or want health, ask you to choose " , "Tobacco gobbles up life " , these catchword that Zhen Er sends deaf, became smoke civilian completely people unheeded advice, connecting unheeded advice even also is not! Why? The leader was not the first.

   " convention of nicotian control frame " be in China already become effective two years, the implementation that is apart from convention requirement 100% indoor and smokeless only 3 years, chen Zhu states the situation is grim. According to introducing, our country has 350 million at present " smoke civilian " , the number that dies every year at nicotian and relevant disease is about 1 million. The multitude that our country still has about 540 million not to smoke is being sufferred secondhand the harm of smoke, among them 15 years old of the following teenager children have 180 million. The sense of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is very great, matter to the fitness of people's health and nation, but the production value of nicotian industry and taxation are very tall however.

   So the proposal lets nicotian industry be in GDP data statistic vacancy, it is that is to say in the GDP data statistic of various local government, eliminate perhaps says not plan the production value that enters industry of this locality tobacco; The production value that allows nicotian trade writes down negative worth in green GDP, it is that is to say in green GDP, not only not plan the production value that enters nicotian industry, the production value of even subtractive and nicotian industry; In suggesting the taxation of nicotian industry is divided additionally, increase the scale of central finance income to go up entirely even close, can reduce local government so enthusiastic to the support of nicotian industry.

   Such proposal accords with the concept of green GDP. According to bureau of statistic of country of People's Republic of China " statistical dictionary " explanation, human economy activity includes two fields, creating wealth for the society on one hand, namely " openly effect " , be opposite with a variety of forms and method again on the other hand the development of social productivity is having block up effect, namely " negative effect " . The production of nicotian industry to people healthy rising right-down " negative effect " , not only the person that smoke suffers his to kill oneself, more important is the person that more passivity smoke suffers his to kill at the same time.

   Visible, reform system of active national economic accounting, undertake business accounting to environmental resource, deduct environmental resource cost and the protective service expense to environmental resource from inside active GDP, its calculate what the result can say to be " green GDP " . Green GDP this index, what represented national economy growth essentially is clean effect. The proportion that green GDP holds GDP is higher, the openly effect that shows national economy grows is taller, negative effect is smaller. So, I want to suggest the production value of nicotian industry is in GDP not plan value, it is negative worth in the computation in green GDP.

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