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The doctor reminds: Resistance of autumn human body drops smoke of best give up

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: "Snorty, sneeze, asthma does not come over to enrage. Breathe heavily, tracheal in resemble having a chickling crying. Arrived every year this is seasonal, one carelessly, make this mistake easily. " on September 16, be in seventeen smelt metal hospital of saddle hill city, li Da's Mom is recounting an illness to outpatient service doctor. This courtyard breathes medical director Doctor Wang Erdong to introduce, air of autumnal wind Qing Dynasty is cool, air temperature change is bigger, the tall hair that is disease of respiratory tract of bronchus asthma etc is seasonal. Close paragraph of time, the patient that because bronchus is asthmatic,see a doctor before fit is apparent grow in quantity.
   "Respiratory tract is the organ with relatively frail human body. Autumn, human body resistance drops, bacterium, the cause of disease such as virus is microbial invade respiratory tract very easily, the patient has the symptom that the upper respiratory tract affects first, then occurrence cough, expectoration, accompany have calorific wait for a symptom. " Introduction Wang Erdong, the near future, quantity of outpatient service of internal medicine of this courtyard breath is controlled in 30 person-time everyday, add internal medicine and the patient that emergency call divides examine to come over, breathing internal medicine bed of 40 pieces of be in hospital explodes basically every day full.
   Wang Erdong discloses, the proportion that the person that smoke for a long time holds the patient of respiratory tract disease such as bronchus asthma is higher. "Such OK saying, smoking and disease of autumn respiratory tract have certain connection, long-term smoking can endanger the health of lung badly, make human body resistance drops, respiratory tract disease is caused extremely easily in the autumn. In the meantime, smoking also is a when cause lung cancer immediate cause. Smoking also is a when cause lung cancer immediate cause..
   Accordingly, little smoking of citizen of Wang Erdong proposal or smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. If discover abrupt high fever, acuteness have a headache, vomit often, listless, spirit is depressed, wei is cold, the symptom such as inappetence, want timely seek medical advice, lest bungle is optimal,treat an opportunity. "In autumn, suffer from especially often raise the old patient that waits for a disease or old people slow, do not have an insatiable desire for cool, should add appropriately according to air temperature reduce clothing and other articles of daily use, notice heat preservation. Notice heat preservation..


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