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7 wish to be smoke of filial give up into smoking man - I should be smoke of your give up

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HK Men More Willing To Quit Smoking For Family

Nickkita Lau

Wednesday, october 17, 2007

A Survey Has Found Hong Kong Men Are More Willing To Give Up Smoking For Their Families Than Males In Other Parts Of Asia.
Close To 70 Percent Of Male Smokers Said Making Their Children Happy Is A "very" Or "extremely Strong" Reason For Quitting, compared With A Regional Average Of 63 Percent.

The Survey Took In 519 Men In Hong Kong, taiwan, the Mainland And South Korea Who Smoked At Least 10 Cigarettes A Day, and 520 Women With Smoking Spouses.

Eighty-seven Percent Of The Hong Kong Smokers Said They Tried To Avoid Smoking When Children Are Around, and None Of Them Wanted Their Children To Smoke.

Sixty-six Percent Believe Children Growing Up In Households With Smokers Are More Likely To Pick Up The Habit Themselves.

Tony Chan Tak-sing, 37, smoked For 20 Years. His Father Was Also A Smoker Before His Death.

Chan Decided To Quit When His Wife Become Pregnant Six Years Ago. He Did Not Want His Son To Follow His Example.

He Tried To Give Up Smoking Three Times In Five Years Before Eventually Succeeding With Professional Help.

Like Chan, seven Out Of 10 Male Smokers Have Tried To Quit, with Half Of Them Making Between Three And 10 Attempts.

Nine In Every 10 Women With Smoking Spouses Hope Their Husbands Will Quit Smoking, with 45 Percent Reporting Conflicts With Husbands Because Of Their Habit.

7 wish to be smoke of filial give up into smoking man (Chinese edition is as follows)

7 wish to be smoke of filial give up into smoking man - I am want cigarette of your give up

: Lin Bing expresses, personage suction needs method of of significant drop to cooperate Shu content to treat , Zuo reachs the support of family, the successful rate that just can raise of Buddhist monastic discipline

(this )

One Zuo Zha checks , harbor of nearly 7 cost sucks of give up of children of of meaning of man Zuo , 7 into man suction ever of give up of Jian Yu , break to lead regrettablly still on the high side. Home reminds personage suction , of Buddhist monastic discipline always Zuo not too Zuo , of of personage suction begs Zuo to give birth to to aid, the of means give up with one the safest and effective of Zuo .

This Yin person degree

Yu Zha is checked in the much such as Hong Kong too Zuo goes, Yu year of Zuo interpose 35 to 55 , and the man that takes 10 sweet the least everyday. Zha checks Jian fruit Zuo to show, Ning stage , ground is mixed in the Zha such as Zuo checks region to compare Zuo , hong Kong attracts man more weigh with domestic , special is the person that make suck in Zuo make of of Buddhist monastic discipline decide , children is acted write important role. Nearly 7 state into the person that suffer Yu Zhu children is more fast , be " " or " special " reason of main of Buddhist monastic discipline. Additionally 6 live in whole and children to provide more healthy life place into 3 Zha , it is the main benefit Ta of of Buddhist monastic discipline.

Ning children stops in home much suck

The Zuo of Zuo cover photograph that Zuo sucks of healthy , hong Kong sucks personage to appear to have very much alarm Yin sex. Children of Ning of the person that Jian sucks for the most part a , the suction that Zuo meaning changes Zhu his Li . In addition, suck personage and its wife or companion , also be not constant Zuo to note the shadow Zuo that children of suction causes. children is in the home , have most probably of 4 personages suction avoids to suck in the home, have most probably 6 do not hope children catchs of Li suction . Zha is checked Zuo is shown, the 9 wives that become the person that suffer Yu or companion , hope other in part can of Buddhist monastic discipline.

Zha checks Zuo Zuo to show, 7 go to into one Zuo ever the Hong Kong of of give up of Jian Yu attracts man, of the most commonly used method of of Buddhist monastic discipline " abrupt and complete one knife stops to suck " , it is sucks second and nicotine less to replace next treat , of the Mo that be like a skin appears Zuo piece, the method such as sweet mouth Mo .

Zuo gives birth to person pointing to the home to support of conduce give up

Lin Bing Zuo gives birth to deputy convener of alliance of Long of of drop of fund of Zhu of Zuo of of Hong Kong radical express, it is very clear that Hong Kong attracts public figure the reason that oneself need of Buddhist monastic discipline, it is OK to hope very much of give up , but nicotine becomes ,be one Er physiology and psychology according to Zuo , very Zuo give up is dropped. His Zha , personage suction needs the strategy of of Buddhist monastic discipline with one more overall Er , method of of significant drop joins Shu content to treat and Zuo , like that the main support that Zuo has family, thereby raises the confidence of of give up of civilian and successful rate.

letter connects convener of fund of Zhu of Zuo of of Hong Kong radical Zuo unripe Xuan fills Zha : " of Buddhist monastic discipline always Zuo not too Zuo , if suck personage to be before 50 of Buddhist monastic discipline, not because 15 years of Zuo suffer from on Ning sucks the Zuo Zuo that has Zuo disease and dies, Zuo Kui Kui sucks personage to fall considerably to the half. "

letter is connected build Zhu to attract public figure, the health of oneself and family is written want, begs Zuo to give birth to to aid, one of Zuo is safer, more effective method, of successful drop .

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