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The expert says secondhand the harm of smoke year kill 2 million middleaged person

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It is below aboutSecondhand the harm of smokeEnglish edition:
Second-hand Smoke To Kill 2 Million Chinese: Report
August 30, 2007 03:35:24 PM PST

Nearly 2 Million Older People Alive Today In China Are Likely To Die From Emphysema And Other Chronic Lung Diseases Caused By Second-hand Smoke, researchers Predicted On Thursday.

Their Estimates Are Part Of A Series Of Studies Showing That Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, is Far More Common Than Had Been Recognized Around The World And Will Present A Serious Problem For Health Officials.

COPD Includes Emphysema, chronic Bronchitis And Some Types Of Serious Chronic Asthma. Smoking Is By Far The Leading Cause.

Dr. Peymane Adab And K.K. Cheng Of Britain's University Of Birmingham, with Colleagues In Hong Kong And Guangzhou, used Data From A Study Of 20, 430 Men And Women Over The Age Of 50.

Most Had Never Smoked.

"More Than Half Of Never Smokers Reported Exposure To Passive Smoking In Their Workplace And At Home, with 28 Percent Reporting High Levels Of Total Adult Exposure, " Adab And Cheng Wrote In Their Report, published In The Lancet Medical Journal.

Anyone Who Spent More Than 40 Hours A Week In And Around Cigarette Smoke For More Than Five Years Was Considered To Have High Exposure.

These People Were On Average 48 Percent More Likely To Develop COPD, the Researchers Found.

"Of All Deaths In China, around 11.6 Percent Among Never Smokers Are Attributable To COPD, " The Researchers Wrote.

"If Our Risk Estimates Are Correct, and Assuming That Current Mortality And Passive Smoking Exposure Patterns Continue, of The 240 Million People Aged Over 50 Years Alive Today In China, high Exposure To Passive Smoking Would Result In About 1.9 Million Excess Deaths From COPD Among Never Smokers. "


China Has High Rates Of Smoking, with An Estimated 40 Percent Of The Population Being Current Or Former Smokers.

The World Health Organization Estimates That 2.5 Million People Die Of COPD Every Year, about As Many As Die From AIDS.

But These Numbers Could Be Low, said Dr. Sonia Buist And Colleagues At Oregon Health&Science University.

Their Study Of 9, 425 People Aged 40 And Over From 12 Countries Found That More Than 10 Percent Of Them Had Moderate To Severe COPD. That Is Far Higher Than The Most Recent Estimate Of 4.3 Percent.

"These Results Suggest That Future Anti-smoking Policies Should, in Addition To Targeting Active Smoking, also Consider Addressing Passive Smoking, " Dr. Ana Menezes And Dr. Pedro Hallal Of The Universidade Federal De Pelotas In Brazil Wrote In A Commentary.

In Buist's Survey, cape Town, south Africa Had The Most Cases Of COPD, with 22 Percent Of Men And More Than 16 Percent Of Women Affected.

Hannover, germany Had The Lowest Rates, with 8.6 Percent Of Men And 3.7 Percent Of Women Affected.

An Estimated 10 Million Americans Have Been Diagnosed With COPD, but U.S. Health Survey Data Suggest That As Many As 24 Million Americans Have The Ailment, the Lancet Reported.

The expert says secondhand the harm of smoke year kill 2 million middleaged person (Chinese edition)

[ Yin of bright ] Zha of Zuo of of Zuo famous Zuo " thorn Zuo " is expressed yesterday by Hong Kong big    Department of of company Zuo fastens director forest big , flower    Birmingham    of much name of of big Professor Home Zuo and city person the research that Long hand does accuses Zuo makings, what every year nearly 200 Qu exceed 50 of Zuo is medium of dweller of ground because

Inspiratory and secondhand causes chronic disease and die.

Research person at 2003 Zuo only then, in recruit of courtyard of city Zuo of 2 Qu name does not attract the public figure of 50 above of , Zha checks the life Li of his , and the lobar function of Yu his , among them the 90% person that suffer Yu are daughter.

Zuo Zuo is raised annual 190 yuan

Study , the working place of the person that half of Zuo suffers Yu or abode are Zuo period under the shadow Zuo that exposes of Wu Er hand, among them the 28% person that suffer Yu are the condition that exposes of Wu Er hand highly more in (be not the person that suck every weeks to receive Yin the least of 40 small secondhand , and Jin is held exceed Zuo 5 years) . Zuo some in be not the person that suck , 48 % suffers from on lobar Mo and the chronic pneumonia such as the chronic Guan Yan that raise .

Harbor teachs Hu to add of announce to kill greatly

is accused point out, ground Ji has 40% dwellers is civilian or ever Jian sucks , annual appraise Yin has 10 Qu person to die at inspiratory and secondhand the disease that place causes.

Home Zuo expresses, if accuse an analysis according to Zuo portion , and mortality and inspiratory and secondhand  still did not have the feeling of improvement, 2.4 of complete year Zuo is in the ground person of 50 above, annual has exceed Zuo the chronic pneumonia that place of of hand of dead Wu Er causes the person that blame of 190 Qu name sucks . Secondhand the Zuo Zuo that place of Zuo spends is raised, annual and least 190 yuan people .

Home Zuo points out, the harm meaning Zhu that of person of ground of sucks is very low, only 30% people know harm suction is healthy, reason carries out Zuo of job accusing to spend Zuo big. And forest of big Zha , should be made in and uses example of law accusing , need Zuo adds education of announce first, Zhu civilian be informed secondhand Dai is killed, like that one pace of after Zuo pursues big Yao pattern comprehensive room bans travel .

Zuo like that of Zuo of of next year Beijing   Period Zuo , all vehicle all forbid Beijing suck , and in government also prohibited 2011 all careless is accused, but Home Zuo points out, governmental Yu carries out room to ban in the round, blame of the most effective safeguard attracts talent personage is healthy.


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