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The theme of world smokeless day

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World smokeless day (World No-Tobacco Day)

Tobacco is a kind of wildlife that grows in South America, original Indian chews tobacco leaf mouth or absorb of make it cigarette. Tobacco is in global be current 200 old, till 20 centuries, the mankind just begins to realise the tobacco harm to the mankind. 1977, a kind of conduct propaganda that American cancer swollen institute put forward control smoking above all teachs way -- smokeless day. This day, undertake inside limits of American whole nation " smoking harm is healthy " conduct propaganda, the person that dissuade smoking did not smoke that day, the shop stops products of carry out tobacco one day. The United States annual in November the 3rd week smokeless day that is homeland surely on Thursday. After, england, malaysia, country and the area such as Hong Kong also made smokeless day in succession.

In November 1987, proposal of U.N. World Health Organization will be annual was surely on April 7 " world smokeless day " , began to carry out 1988. But because April 7 is the fete that World Health Organization establishs, one annual day this, world Health Organization should raise the subject that a health care asks. For noninterference of its sanitation theme put forward, decision of World Health Organization rises from 1989 will annual was world smokeless day surely on May 31, china also regards smokeless day of China as this days.

A variety of 1400 part are contained in cigarette. There is 40 in aerosol of the generation when smoking a variety of carcinogen, still more than 10 kinds of meetings promote the material that cancer develops, endanger to human body among them the biggest is nicotine, carbon monoxide closes matter with a variety of other metallization. The nicotine that place of a smoke contains kills a small white rat with respect to enough. The binding energy power that the many carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke is the same as haemoglobin is greater than oxygen 240, 300 times, weakened the ability carrying oxygen of red blood cell severely, accordingly, smoking makes blood condenses accelerate, cause miocardial infarction easily, apoplectic, cardiac muscle is anoxic wait for cardiovascular disease. More serious is, the person that smoke returns health of serious cloggy other people. Study the result makes clear, the to other people harm when the person that smoke smokes is greater than be being returned to him himself.

Nicotian problem has paid close attention to for place of world each country more and more. On May 21, 2003, on the world wholesome plenary meeting that holds in Geneva, 192 members country passed World Health Organization consistently the first global treaty that restricts tobacco -- " convention of nicotian control frame " . " convention " requirement each country should prohibit with legal form at least the nicotian advertisement of misdirect sex, prohibit or limit activity of the international activity that tobacconist supports and nicotian sales promotion, suppress nicotian smuggling, prohibit selling cigarette to minor, the area that uses 30 % to 50 % on tobacco case indicates " smoking harm is healthy " caution, and taboo " low tar " , "Delicate model " and so on cheats sexual term.

The whole world reachs his every year at smoking to death the number of relevant disease is amounted to 4.9 million. The data makes clear, the person that incidence of a disease compares the lung cancer of the person that smoke for a long time not to smoke comes 10 times higher 20 times, laryngocarcinoma incidence of a disease is high 6 to 10 times, incidence of a disease of coronary heart disease is high 2 to 3 times, circulatory system incidence of a disease is 3 times higher, tracheal kind of incidence of a disease is high 2 to 8 times. The harm of passive smoking is greater, everyday average passive smoking of 1 hour destroys arterial blood-vessel with respect to enough. The female of a few as collective as the person that smoke lives, the odds that contracts lung cancer is more than the ordinary person give 6 times. According to " bright daily " reported on December 12, 2003, the whole world 1.1 billion smoke civilian in, china has 3. 500 million, rate of smoking of crowd of 15 years old of above is amounted to 31. 1 % .

At present global smoking number is about 1.1 billion, reckon to 2025 this one word will be achieved 1.3 billion to 1.7 billion. Reach its every year now at smoking to death the number of relevant disease is amounted to 4.9 million, the pecuniary loss that the medical treatment of defray is expended and causes every year exceeds 200 billion dollar. The amount that tobacco causes the person's death and person to contract a disease has according to can be being checked, but what it did not cause people however in the effect that causes poor growth respect is enough take seriously. The person that the whole world has the smoking of 75 % distributings in the developing country, the domestic spending that they use at buying cigarette normally very tall, wasted ought use at nutrition, education must the finite family natural resources of expenditure. Tobacco is cultivated still harm an environment. Nicotian crop grabs edaphic nutrition, uses chemical fertilizer and insecticide cause pollution, flue-cured tobacco needs to use up silvan natural resources to wait in great quantities. Newest research makes clear, each tobacco grows a country the silvan fell trees of nearly 5 % and nicotian treatment are concerned.

Theme of smokeless day of calendar year world

1988: Want tobacco or want health, ask you to choose

1989: Woman and tobacco

1990: Adolescent does not smoke

1991: In public go up not to smoke with public traffic tool

1992: Yard place does not smoke

1993: Door of Ministry of Public Health and hygienists object smoking

1994; Conduct propaganda of mass communication agency objects smoking

1995: Tobacco and economy

1996: Smokeless recreational and sports activities

1997: U.N. objects smoking with concerned orgnaization

1998: Grow in smokeless careless environment

1999: Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. Catchword is " quit incense smoke "

2000: Do not use slogan of tobacco of sales promotion of recreational and sports activities " smoking is harmful do not suffer temptation "

2001: Clean air, refus is sucked secondhand smoke

2002: Smokeless sports, clean match

2003: Without nicotian movie and TV and fashionable action

2004: Control smokes, reduce poverty

2005: Hygienists and accuse smoke

2006: Tobacco gobbles up life

2007: Found smokeless environment
Catchword: Found smokeless environment, compose builds harmonious society
To issue the health of generation, refuse " cigarette "
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