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Use smoke of easy star give up to want 6 days only

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     Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Affirmatory: Every uses Yi Xing correctly (6 days) , still not smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, will provide after service freely, till satisfaction till.
     As the people's livelihood, healthy, the topic such as happiness gets the attention of people, market accusing smoke also will welcome new business chance. Own good brand, have oneself territory under one's control, also mean the door that leads to fortune.
     Yi Xing, it is the famous old brand of market of cigarette of domestic give up, already had history of 16 years. The banner finishs the cigarette of smoke of give up of series product easy star, ni Guqing having incomparable advantage, market public praise is outstanding. In recent years the electronic smoke of sell like hot cakes, ni Guqing, product of series of healthy cigarette holder suits a supermarket more, smoke inn is sold extensively, sale, gain, service mode is mature, market vacuum is giant.


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