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Smoke of side father give up is like smoke electron smoke with true flavour

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     Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Love father is like hill, father loves to be like the sea, and those who serve as children do you have the love that has expressed your to father how many times again? A lot of people are in for father everyday blow a cloud feels anxious, father of have no alternative a craving for tobacco of a few years of nurturance. Now, one is being done everyday in TV " true flavour of healthy electron smoke is like smoke " advertisement. Allegedly such electronic smoke is a kind of avirulent hurtless is not combustion smoke substitute, can on board, the subway, the place of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade such as the office is used, when resting, can lie on the bed to smoke electronic cigarette, without cigarette ash, healthy environmental protection, electronic smoke true flavour is like the gain with the biggest smoke is the smoke poison that can accumulate for years inside clear clear put oneself in another's position, poisonous without smoke nature does not have a craving for tobacco, still need not change old smoking habit and taste, if smoke of smoke health electron and common cigarette photograph are compared,what be worth to be carried more is this true flavour more healthy do not contain tar, without carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, acrolein, arsenic, lead, the harmful material such as mercury, won't be opposite so the person that smoke causes any harm. Won't form additionally secondhand smoke won't produce a harm to family friend. Accordingly, true flavour won't endanger the health of the person that smoke like smoke of smoke health electron, also won't endanger at the same time all round the person's health. Have that is to say thinking complete ring smoke uses method of the other side is crucial, with " smoking " kind goes replace and leaving cigarette, suck at the same time, at the same time Buddhist monastic discipline, imperceptible with respect to Buddhist monastic discipline.
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