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Can smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline replace therapeutics with nicotine?

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      Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Nicotine replaces therapeutics, one has been put in methods of 30 old smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, although be proved by the experiment very effective, but was not hoped by broad home however the smoke of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline civilian accept. A lot of people do not understand: Nicotine is the harmful composition in cigarette obviously, how can be you taken smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline? Smoke of such Buddhist monastic discipline, be equal to drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences?
Tar just is a culprit
Before critically nicotine, let us see cigarette case carefully first: The main parameter that mark cigarette norms uses on cigarette case is not is nicotine content, however tar content. All you should know, tar just is cause harm to the body " prime culprit " .
Smoke tar by aromatic hydrocarbon of much annulus of many young member, for example benzene, a bitter edible plant, bi, the mixture that phenol waits a moment is comprised, they are the product that incomplete combustion of much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon makes the drop in tobacco. The person that smoking " suck " when, cigarette is local and OK the high temperature that produces more than 700 ℃ , ignite these much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon. And in " suck " intermittent, because the temperature of cigarette interior is reduced, these much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon can begin incomplete combustion, produce aromatic hydrocarbon of many young member much annulus.
These black looking, return adhesive young member it seems that organic matter is tar. The person that there is one part to be smoked among these material is inspiratory inside body, through tracheal enter lung in, exciting to respiratory tract and alveolar generation, injure respiratory tract and alveolar cell, cause dry cough of the person that smoke, phlegmy much. As time passes, be stimulated as a result of respiratory tract and injure accentuation, return what cause respiratory tract likely to comply with a gender to drop, stretch and abate, cause disease of chronic respiratory tract. If things go on like this, because respiratory tract cell is injured repeatedly, appear likely still canceration of respiratory tract cell! In the meantime, a large number of carbon monoxide of the generation when smoking by inspiratory body inside, can mix to the heart and vessels neurological cause damage chronically.
Rangniguding gradually far go
Can say, smoking causes the part with the largest harm to the body, it is the tar of the generation in smoking process and carbon monoxide. So normally we " Wen Zhi color changes " nicotine, what can you cause to affect to human body again?
Speak out may fearsome jump, the effect that actually nicotine produces to human body, with drug taking it is about the same. After nicotine enters human body, can come to cerebral ministry through blood, excited cerebra nerve yuan, drive letting a person is heated, the mood is rising. Absorb nicotine for a long time, can make human body is depended on to nicotine generation, be in namely when absorbing nicotine, occurrence spirit is low, the give up such as be agitated breaks reaction, the person that be like is drug taking went up drug addiction is same. And smoking history is longer, smoking jumps over much person, the symptom of addiction is heavier. Because the volition of cerebrum is violated very hard, so although these people are determined smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, also can not resist of the body a variety of unwell, smoke afresh.
Nicotine replaces therapeutics, the thinking of therapeutics of beautiful sanded ketone that uses with poison of medicaments give up just about is same, the person that lets need smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline namely absorbs the nicotine with relatively small dose. Although be met euqally,have mood be agitated so, the give up with low spirit breaks reaction to appear, but because one part nicotine serves as compensation, so this kind of give up breaks reaction the meeting is relatively slight.
When smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline person can be able to bear or endure suffer such give up to break reaction, when unapt opposite produces an effect alive, reduce the nicotine content that absorbs everyday again, the person that allow smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline continues to get used to slight drop to break reaction. Such dosage decrease successively, till smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline person when absorbing nicotine completely to also can live normally, succeeded with respect to smoke calculating Buddhist monastic discipline. Because smoking can produce tar and carbon monoxide to cause loss to the body, so nicotine replaces therapeutics to be not degressive and daily smoking volume, use special nicotine preparation however, glue of mastication of for example nicotine (chewing gum of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline) or nicotine is stuck (absorb through skin minim) will undertake.
Nicotine replaces smoke of therapeutics give up very effective, but also do not apply to all smoke civilian. Because nicotine itself has certain effect to cardiovascular system, arrive badly to those the hypertension with uncontrollable medicaments, the patient of coronary heart disease cannot be used. And bad to liver kidney function person, because nicotine metabolization can increase liver kidney burden, also need to be used carefully so. Anyhow, accept nicotine to replace smoke of therapeutics give up, want smoke of special Buddhist monastic discipline to assist an orgnaization to assess body situation, make plan of perfect smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, just may succeed smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, conquer a craving for tobacco.
Rose on May 1, 2011, the whole nation all indoor public will prohibit smoking in the round. Smoke not only harmful to oneself body, secondhand to those is forced that suck it is more for the person of smoke 100 kill and do not have one benefit. Run oneself hand and mouth, begin smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline! After reading this article, might as well go looking, does nicotine replace smoke of therapeutics give up to suit you to use?
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