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87 years old of old people abstain product of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline to find successor

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Clear of the first month of 87 years old of citizens discovers purple perilla is completely careless when justice stroll is curved, the Ceng Yongji before remembering 50 years abstains cigarette to suffer reputably.
This discovers new ignition his poineering dream.
He consults data, experiment personally, draft program book, hope to search a partner to turn into the dream now reality.
A day of last year September, clear justice goes to the first month of 87 years old small square stroll is curved, discover a few trees fall overgrow accidentally the plant of purple leaf.
Meng Zhao justice collected sample of make it of home of a few recapture, browse a large number of data are informed, this plant calls purple perilla complete grass, belong to health care and prevent (treat) the Chinese traditional medicine of ill domain material.
This discovers, make group of former northeast pharmacy advanced engineer, clear justice after-thought has the first month that pursues pharmacy research for a whole life young a when poineering inspiration, "At the beginning of 60 time, because the friend loves to smoke, I wait for raw material to abstain cigarette to try to the friend with drier of purple perilla complete grass smoke get reputably. " Meng Zhao justice says, want to popularize its originally, but because have conflict with the job,did not undertake.
Decision of Meng Zhao justice completes the poineering program 50 years ago.
"Differ in order to replace cigarette market with product of smoke of traditional give up, this is replace sexual product with feeding material to be made, such cigarette plants also can drive obtain employment in transition, it is OK also that tobacco is cultivated transition is cultivated for purple perilla. " Meng Zhao him justice is tasted eat purple perilla complete grass, fumbling be made in the attempt with purple perilla complete grass gives priority to the cigarette product of makings.
"The product that makes can have, also can suck, taste also can be accepted by smoking crowd place, theoretic can replace cigarette completely, and harmless to human body. And harmless to human body..
However, another difficult problem was shown, "Refuse to obey often be no good, these need have successor to finish. " Meng Zhao justice says, if have,entrepreneur is mixed young the person that do poineering work is interested, he is willing to coach freely and for its the design that measure a body implements a program, collective circle poineering dream.
Shenyang city park is in plant expert Li Zunwen to express, complete grass of raw material purple perilla is opposite personally originally human body does not have harm, eat to also be beneficial to health more.
"Besides purple perilla complete grass, the other raw material of sample still has feed material and Chinese traditional medicine prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction, normal edible is harmless to the body, but because finished product belongs to new product, need those who undertake major to experiment to just go repeatedly so. " doctor of family of drug of Liaoning traditional Chinese medical science says.


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