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Does product of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline have the effect really?

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Smoking is harmful and healthy, every smoke civilian knows very well this, believe a lot of smoke civilian also had tried smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, but suffer from does not have enough psychokinesis, often cannot hold to how long to abandon again. Hold this kind of mentality of smoke civilian just about, product of numerous smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline appeared on the market, conduct propaganda uses high-tech data, of tailor-made secret recipe, have those who claim to pass authoritative attestation, all without exception alleges result of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline can be achieved inside short time, or satisfying a craving for tobacco while, do not damage health again, its effect is described to get fantastic. Mr Wang of the urban district is in namely believe what one hears the conduct propaganda that the businessman vows solemnly is affirmatory, cannot help enchanted hind bought product of such smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, after trying, just discover complete short of the effect of smoke of any Buddhist monastic discipline.
   Mr Wang is an old smoke that having a few years of smoke age civilian, as the accretion of the age, realize the necessity of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline with each passing day, but once for many times the experience that smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline fails makes him very despondent. This year the beginning of the year, he is in course urban district when some drugstore bar, see the effect introduction of some electron smoke, allege smoke of OK and relaxed give up, enchanted under, he spent 298 yuan to buy smoke of this electron give up implement. Next in ten days, mr Wang goes up according to the manual everyday the requirement undertakes use, the libidinal a bit that smokes however did not get alleviating, produced a mouth to work instead, after getting up in the morning disgusting wait for a symptom. In the meantime, the itself quality of electronic smoke also is put in serious problem, suck repeatedly to later suck did not come out, then he puts forward to withdraw the demand of goods to the businessman, but sufferred refuse. In complain disappear of cervine the city zone to protect appoint hind, mr Wang is final recapture refund.
   Can product of odd smoke relying on Buddhist monastic discipline drop smoke ring? To this, the author also sought advice from lukewarm state city doctor of vice director of Dai Xinjian of internal medicine of breath of hospital of the 2nd people, he tells the author, the action that process of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is integrated many sided is corrective, want the medicaments dependence of antagonism nicotine already, want to overcome the psychological dependence of smoking again, resist even all sorts of alluring elements in the environment. The product of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline on market lacks the scientific and clinical trial that proves its security at present nowadays, also show without evidence electronic smoke can help Buddhist monastic discipline drop a craving for tobacco, depend on product of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline can the idea of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is not desirable.
   When did the doctor give out opinion, the first tool that wants a smoking is refuse, and be in daily life should reject cigarette stoutly the temptation to you, do not put in last fluky psychology, this often can let smoke of your Buddhist monastic discipline plan all one's previous efforts wasted. The idea of a the 2nd smoke after casting off a meal, a few other things search to replace it when wanting to smoke, for instance fruit, drink the chewing gum that water or mastication divide without candy, consider to make clear: Drink what a few fruit juice can help give up nicotine to become addiction more in initial stage of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. The 3rd strengthen physical training, can alleviate on one hand mental insecurity and pressure, can avoid to spend more thought to be on smoking on the other hand. The 4th pair of give up break a symptom more serious person, can suggest to use appropriate remedy to relieve a symptom according to the doctor. If frequently if smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline fails, can look for professional doctor to seek advice to seek a help, the person that the family member beside and friend also want cigarette of pair of Buddhist monastic discipline is added more encourage.


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