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Wild indigo is alkaline medicine of the smoke that make stop and medicine of other drop smoke comparative valence more cheap

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: British researcher had a test to the effect of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline of wild indigo alkaline medicaments a few days ago, the result shows its effectiveness and medicine of other drop smoke comparative, but the price is more low.

Researcher of British London college is the person cent that smokes 10 above cigarette many times 700 everyday two groups, one group takes wild indigo alkaline medicaments 25 days, another group serves as contrast group, accept only common comfort an agent to treat 25 days.

The investigation after period of treatment ends one year shows, there is smoke of 8.4% successful drops in taking a group of wild indigo alkaline medicaments, and contrast compositive power has 2.4% only. This proof, with wild indigo the effectiveness of smoke of alkaline give up and medicine of other drop smoke comparative.

However, wild indigo alkaline medicaments has an advantage more on the price. According to estimation, place of 25 days of period of treatment needs medicaments price to be 12 pound about, and medicine of smoke of common give up if " Chang Pei " one period of treatment should cost 100 much pound 12 weeks.

Wild indigo is alkaline say again furzy alkaline, in hamster a few countries already were used as medicaments of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline old, did not discover what is serious side-effect, but lack rigorous and normal scientific test and verify all the time, because this is in,the country with the medical more rigorous management such as England did not get appearing on the market permissive.

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