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Yang Cheng (hard red)

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Yang Cheng (hard red)

Yang Cheng (hard red) Cigarette Details
Yang Cheng (hard red)

Yang Cheng (hard red)

Mix model
Tar: Tarcontent
Nicotine: Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO: Flue Gas Co
Length: The Length Of The Cigarette Filter: Filter Length
Packaged: Case strong case Amount: 20
Main Color: Red Secondary Color: Gold
Sales Form: Homebred sale in domestic market Salestatus: Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet: Yang Cheng of Price Of A Pack Of (hard red) Cigarettes Price For A Carton: Yang Cheng of Price Of A (hard red) Smoke

The Users Comment


Was in Nanjing 2000 when had smoked, bought 1 at that time, the feeling is first-rate


How be bought excuse me

User(Cigarette of double happiness cardCigarette of double happiness card

This kind of Yang Cheng searched too hard in Guangzhou this locality.


The smoke that Guangdong produces cannot be bought unexpectedly in Guangdong, listen to Xinjiang friend to say their place has Yang Cheng hard red, decisive let its mail 2 to Heilongjiang, typical beauty type mixes model fragrance is very sufficient, the feeling is first-rate!


User (TimcqTimcq

Look countless people smoking is to see the value, mouth is not tasted at all give stand or fall

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