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Yu Xi (first heart)

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Yu Xi (first heart)

Yu Xi (first heart) Cigarette Details
Yu Xi (first heart)

Yu Xi (first heart)

Flue-cured tobacco
Nicotine:Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO:Flue Gas Co
Length:The Length Of The Cigarette            Filter:Filter Length
Packaged:Case strong caseAmount:20
Main Color:RedSecondary Color:Gold            
Sales Form:Homebred sale in domestic market            Salestatus:Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet:Yu Xi of Price Of A Pack Of (first heart) Cigarettes Price For A Carton:Yu Xi of Price Of A (first heart) Smoke

The Users Comment

User(Eldest brother is cheated insideEldest brother is cheated inside

See in nicotian inn today, whole appearance is broken very beautiful, regrettablly not simply the box sells, was forced to buy. It is OK that before be being smoked half are returned, feel general after, overall say not let sb down this price.  

User(Do not stay not remnantDo not stay not remnant

The heart also has shop money in Shenzhen first, bought a packet curiously. The individual feels than the nephrite of 22 flavour is close friends, nephrite exhaust aftertaste sends suffering, and be born easily phlegmy, first heart criterion won't. Strength is appropriate, delicate fragrance is distinct, bequeath is returned to have very good sweet smell in exhaust oral cavity, not hot larynx


Yu Xi is considered as the brand of high-end smoke by consumer all the time, a lot of people feel 20 yuan Yu Xi has lose brand status, arrange however slippery full mouthfeel satisfied content to exceed a value really, the time with numerous luxury, the price is not the only standard with judge a smoke completely whether good certainly, 20 yuan kiss civilian the price, the mouthfeel with sweet alcohol, instead body reveals the force of old brand


This packet of product is packed, mouthfeel is pretty good, looking to come out is to take a heart. "Do not forget first heart " the concept is quite good also, value the market prospect of the product!


User (K_G.H_U_OK_G.H_U_O

Overall smoke rise faint scent quietly elegant, of 20 yuan conscience make, also be red tower 60 years to be opposite a of smoke civilian to hard iron display, suit to become long-term grain ration, go up at nephrite brook taste relatively or have a few distinction, each has his likes and dislikes does not conflict

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