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Huang Shan (diamonds imprints fine)

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Huang Shan (diamonds imprints fine)

Huang Shan (diamonds imprints fine) Cigarette Details
Huang Shan (diamonds imprints fine)

Huang Shan (diamonds imprints fine)

Flue-cured tobacco
Nicotine:Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO:Flue Gas Co
Length:The Length Of The Cigarette            Filter:Unknown
Packaged:Case strong caseAmount:20
Main Color:WhiteSecondary Color:Red            
Sales Form:Homebred sale in domestic market            Salestatus:Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet:Huang Shan of Price Of A Pack Of (diamonds imprints fine) Cigarettes Price For A Carton:Huang Shan of Price Of A (diamonds imprints fine) Smoke

The Users Comment

User(Liu AndongLiu Andong

This locality is new appear on the market before long, because countrywide popularity is fine,raise smoke, so Huang Shan also came out, just had smoked a few, feel flavour is general, mix compared with general smoke miscellaneous flavour to finally especially smoke tail gas is too heavy, in oral cavity very unpleasant! He list impression to yellow mountain system is not very good, basically be tar taste too heavy!  

User(I am clam clam add one secondI am clam clam add one second

Too soft smoke rise to be the same as price without a bit flavour far as Huang He door of Lou Hexuan conspicuous


Why what I buy is a packet 30, but bag mount has: Not for sale 3 words, it is good to do not have big diamonds to imprint smoke

User(┌ Sentimental ┐┌ Sentimental ┐

I feel is not general smoke hard, do not know why to give a mark so tall. Fine a building of the world name that crane building did not fizzle out under photograph comparing is good smoke.


User (Person of 9 lis of hill 602066Person of 9 lis of hill 602066

Taste is general, be worth only 10 the left and right sides.  

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