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Bai Sha (hard high-quality goods 3 generation)

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Bai Sha (hard high-quality goods 3 generation)

Bai Sha (hard high-quality goods 3 generation) Cigarette Details
Bai Sha (hard high-quality goods 3 generation)

Bai Sha (hard high-quality goods 3 generation)

Flue-cured tobacco
Nicotine:Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO:Flue Gas Co
Length:The Length Of The Cigarette            Filter:Unknown
Packaged:Case strong caseAmount:20
Main Color:BlackSecondary Color:Gold            
Sales Form:Homebred sale in domestic market            Salestatus:Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet:Bai Sha of Price Of A Pack Of (hard high-quality goods 3 generation) Cigarettes Price For A Carton:Bai Sha of Price Of A (hard high-quality goods 3 generation) Smoke

The Users Comment


From the bag mount feels very pretty good than general the smoke of 15 yuan of prices has Yan Zhi the smoke that sheet raises also has distinguishing feature very much

User(Force pauses plastic products plantForce pauses plastic products plant

Smoke this cigarette for the first time, the sense is good. The price is not high not low, mouthfeel just had point point to weigh into larynx, individual feeling still goes


This smoke, flavour massiness, the sense is very common, the profit that still matchs as lowest group

User(0734 laborers selling cigarette0734 laborers selling cigarette

See for the first time, look at the air that pack, ordered 2, arrive tear open 0 sold 2 packets, client come to an agreement or understanding is smoked


User (Carey Cheng DeCarey Cheng De

Pack elegant. Have kind of medicine sweet smell.  

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