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China (hard 12)

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China (hard 12)

China (hard 12) Cigarette Details
China (hard 12)

China (hard 12)

Flue-cured tobacco
Tar: Tarcontent
Nicotine: Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO: Flue Gas Co
Length: The Length Of The Cigarette Filter: Filter Length
Packaged: Case strong case Amount: 12
Main Color: Red Secondary Color: Gold
Sales Form: Homebred sale in domestic market Salestatus: Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet: China of Price Of A Pack Of (hard 12) Cigarettes Price For A Carton: China of Price Of A (hard 12) Smoke

The Users Comment

User(Beijing smoke civilianBeijing smoke civilian

What smoke raises feel to be packed than 20 is hard in want a few thicker, mouthfeel slants weak, aroma is insufficient, basically be to fall anxious be caused by.


Our manager marries false come back moment takes, in sensory handclasp very delicate, because true and false does not have what what contrasts, look not to come out. Sheet looks from the exterior, be no problem. Should be to leave a souvenir to perhaps spend the New Year to moment sends a person or choose well. Mouthfeel respect, do not have what distinction, it is smoke bluer.

User(Cabinet head complementaryCabinet head complementary

Oneself refer the photograph of this smoke. This smoke is retail it is a packet to sell 24-26 the left and right sides. Because be 11 milligram, low tar can is before, of course, with the eye after correcting looks now, this has not calculated on low tar. 12 design, to class of have a taste of what is just in season, or it is to collect degree, or it is commemorative class what comparative however is pretty good. Compare on flue gas common hard medium and character may be to fall anxious reason, alcohol is sweet low than hard in want a few lower, flue gas in a way pricked a dot, still be can yet be regarded as nevertheless a good smoke.


This smoke taste and different of common China it doesn't matter, its sell a dot to depend on " content with rare for expensive " , because see rarely on the market, this locality has some of person to be able to give the price of prep above market price buy.


User (Each supplies what the other needsEach supplies what the other needs

Pretty good it is expensive

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