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Camel (explode bead American duty-free edition)

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Camel (explode bead American duty-free edition)

Camel (explode bead American duty-free edition) Cigarette Details
Camel (explode bead American duty-free edition)

Camel (explode bead American duty-free edition)

Mix model
Tar: Unknown
Nicotine: Unknown
CO: Unknown
Length: The Length Of The Cigarette Filter: Filter Length
Packaged: Case strong case Amount: 20
Main Color: Black Secondary Color: Blue
Sales Form: Entrance Salestatus: Stay city
Price For A Packet: Unknown

The Users Comment


Because be Fresh,the smoke that likes most also is the version that likes most in Camel Crush won't smoke flavour is too heavy thick field mint flavour simply too cool and refreshing

User(Smoke of smoke Yan YanSmoke of smoke Yan Yan

Do not hold explode the cocoa flavour that bead is a camel. After exploding, holding is field mint flavour. Mouthfeel is pretty good. Like a camel of that flavour should try.

User(The heaven and earth in eggplantThe heaven and earth in eggplant

This beautiful edition explodes bead the camel falls to be able to be maintained basically under 30 yuan of RMBs in normal circumstance for fake. There is a bead in this smoke filter tip, flavour of the smoke after crumb is devoid, have field mint taste only, the individual does not like.

User(James_lee_ / _19James_lee_ / _19

The friend brings back from the United States. Taste is good. When taking an in part, pulverize explodes bead turn field mint into flavour


User (1817423066User (

Opposite at field mint smoke I more be fed up with other flue-cured tobacco

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