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Gong Dashan (classical 150)

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Gong Dashan (classical 150)

Gong Dashan (classical 150)Cigarette Details
Gong Dashan (classical 150)

Gong Dashan (classical 150)

Flue-cured tobacco
Tar: Tarcontent
Nicotine: Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO: Flue Gas Co
Length: The Length Of The Cigarette Filter: Unknown
Packaged: Case strong case Amount: 20
Main Color: Yellow Secondary Color: Red
Sales Form: Homebred sale in domestic market Salestatus: Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet: Gong Dashan of Price Of A Pack Of (classical 150)cigarettes Price For A Carton: Gong Dashan of Price Of A (classical 150) Smoke

The Users Comment


A very pretty good smoke in this price, purer, there is what flavour in exhaust mouth, suit old smoke very much civilian smoke.


Buy in nicotian brand shop, small character edition, 16 yuan / bag, taste is good, than classical 100 good smoke.


Bad to smoke, but smoke not hard also. Cut tobacco used one part good leave, but also fill quite proportional cheap goods and chip, smoke rise the green grass that take a place is sweet, I am not to like, it is good to like this word to be inferior to taking 5 hard big front door. 15 do not calculate expensive but also do not calculate a value, overall very middle, be in destroy Gong Dashan an interest is increased again on this classical old brand. Still this force does not come out, because silk is no good,not be, filar force is quite actually full still.


Big character version and small character version had experimented a few packets, some mix model breath. Though does not have the drawback with big what, but the advantage also does not talk to go up. 15 yuan of money a packet, I won't choose it.


User (Youxia177Youxia177

It is grain ration of tree of 5 stars Chinese larch all the time, bought nearly 10 packets of low tar recently. This smoke whole is pretty good, weak, but do not lose smoke taste. But sensory tongue often feels hot. At present low tar feels best is legend of 13 red double happiness unexpectedly, still continueing in textual research.

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