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A Shima (offer outlet only)

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A Shima (offer outlet only)

A Shima (offer outlet only) Cigarette Details
A Shima (offer outlet only)

A Shima (offer outlet only)

Flue-cured tobacco
Tar: Tarcontent
Nicotine: Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO: Unknown
Length: The Length Of The Cigarette Filter: Unknown
Packaged: Case soft case Amount: 20
Main Color: White Secondary Color: Gold
Sales Form: Homebred exit Salestatus: Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet: A Shima of Price Of A Pack Of (offer outlet only) Cigarettes Price For A Carton: A Shima of Price Of A (offer outlet only) Smoke

The Users Comment

User(Riding a pig to go go to marketRiding a pig to go go to market

I buy 10 fund in Gansu Province Dunhuang 20 years ago at that time be good at card, road of 10 thousand treasure, beneficial friend, 7 stars, samSung, be good at card, weigh greatly 9, camel, gong Dashan, yellow fruiter is average person smokes famous good smoke not to rise. 10 money are what concept thinks at that time, doggerel 1 cloud 2 expensive 3 China, the Ashima below Gong Dashan is afraid the person that can remember now already not much


This smoke is compared in the market now scarce, it is mostly arrive from duty-free channel lane, the place that sells duty-free cigarette so should have a part to export smoke, the nicotian cigarette that home of this box that pack sells is basic appearance is same. The smoke tar of exit measures the smoke that compare a country to want many big! Flavour is too strong! Be short of those who broke Ashima raw ingredient!

User(Cabinet head complementaryCabinet head complementary

This smoke still can see in this locality, of exit edition, of the accredit edition that still has strong case. When seeing in the inn of one wife and children on the edge that is in wife home once, I begin to still dare not believe, still have Ashima actually, ask this smoke 7 yuan, think collected treasure, but fix eyes on looks, of exit edition, still have a plenty of accredit edition, and still not be plant of cigarette of Yunnan music pacify, however Liaoning produces, that lose, the feeling regrets at a draught many. Flue gas feels very bad to smoke, burn miscellaneous gas a bit, of exit edition, have this common fault, the feeling is impure.


Be the top grade in cigarette so, regrettablly now on market do not see basically! Depressed! 7 yuan are 20 years ago, he may be prices is maintained best east east! Ah


User (Gone 'Gone '

Duty-free inn can be bought

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