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Male lion (red old edition)

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Male lion (red old edition)

Male lion (red old edition) Cigarette Details
Male lion (red old edition)

Male lion (red old edition)

Flue-cured tobacco
Tar: Tarcontent
Nicotine: Flue Gas Amount Of Nicotine
CO: Flue Gas Co
Length: The Length Of The Cigarette Filter: Filter Length
Packaged: Case strong case Amount: 20
Main Color: Red Secondary Color: Yellow
Sales Form: Homebred sale in domestic market Salestatus: Already appeared on the market
Price For A Packet: Male lion of Price Of A Pack Of (red old edition) Cigarettes Price For A Carton: Male lion of Price Of A (red old edition) Smoke

The Users Comment

User(□ Ji Liefeng fast□ Ji Liefeng fast

Had not seen before, come to Zhejiang go to school just know to have this smoke, not expensive Rectify a packet to taste


Ocean asperses I or unidentified Bai Woyang the comment that asperses thousands of word why by harmony. Smoke is raised compact, damp feels proper, entrance continous and, not acrimony also not choke mouth, smoke flavour, the tip of the tongue somewhat a sweet taste, flue gas diffuses oral cavity, have kind of thick silk slippery feeling, whole consistent, be very good! Very powerful! Advantage: The mouthfeel delicacy of flue gas has smoke to taste can reach this kind of state. Defect: 1, fragrance is again full point, bit more distinct better; 2, smoke much true likelihood be bored with is dropped.


Is be being packed now different? The front writes have " the harm that smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline can reduce pair of health " , smoke is raised is " old edition " , be like previously is " red old edition " , sexual price is OKer than returning

User(10 thousand Nanhai10 thousand Nanhai

Do not have money to take advantage group when, of red old edition can smoke, flavour not laborious is not hot, the entrance is not strong, spit gentleness, as if in the bosom that lies in the lover, close an eye, place oneself is in visional. . . Feel the interest of 20 group also do not have this kind of artistic conception, just, smoke much, resemble a lover same, meeting be bored with. . .


User (LXG85LXG85

Of course the cigarette that powerful army can smoke is restricted only this old edition. . Other like be tasted newly and taking a leaf. . . The 1B with miscellaneous flavour actually I feel all the time. I had smoked hard China only 2 packets. Others sends. . . With red double happiness flavour does not have any differences. Why China wants a packet 45 forcedly. Does double happiness want 7 yuan only however? Actually China still is that traditional China. Because great wool XX gives this smoke,became spokesman namely. Plus \ China \ this name is real too atmosphere. . So the price with respect to differential so much

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