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Ning Bo has the fire that causes because of smoking everyday almost

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Yesterday afternoon, detachment of fire control of public security of peaceful wave city announced fire of whole 2016 town to produce a situation. According to statistic, last year 1 to December, whole town receives newspaper fire 3637 cases in all, die 16 people, get hurt 1 person, already the nucleus is direct pecuniary loss thirty-two million five hundred and twenty-four thousand two hundred yuan. Among them, the residence kind fire and electric cause fire, it is place of main on fire and reason respectively.
    Last year on October 17 before dawn 4:49, sea dawn Ou Wangchun is street care village a be on fire of 5 a house owned by a citizen, on fire place is 4 some resident. Because weather is dry, igneous situation grow like a weed, 4, 5 all have personnel to be stranded. Igneous force is commanded after firemen is present, rescue 8 personnel that be stranded successfully, but among them 1 person dies. Till 6 o'clock, igneous situation just is put out.
   As we have learned, compare 2015, the number since fire declines 26% , dead number and kept balance last year. Among them, include to have the fire that because 6 people are incendiary,causes death together. More than Yao, yin city, ci Xi dies the number is maximum, each die 4 people, more than Yao, yin city, like hill each happen 1 case to die the fire accident of 2 people. The immediate cause that causes personnel death from fire looks, the 7 people of choking death, 43.8% what hold sum total, the 4 people with deadly burn, occupy 25% .
   From fire happening the room looks, the residence produces fire 1537 cases, 42.3% what hold sum total, cause 13 people death. From fire happening time looks, mix afternoon send period of time high for fire in the evening, be like midday 12 when to in the evening 20 when produce fire 1616 cases, 44.4% what hold sum total; In the evening 22 Shi Zhiling morning 6 when, it is to die person fire is sent high period, die 11 people, occupy 68.8% .
   "In the fire that already made a thorough investigation of at present, electric reason still is most, live namely next with fire inadvertent, not as big as change of in former years. " fireman states these two reasons bring about fire 1765 cases to be mixed 503 cases respectively. In addition, those who need an attention is, smoke only, cause fire 334 cases, 9.2% what hold sum total, have the fire that causes because of smoking everyday almost.
   According to what announce before this countrywide fire circumstance looked 2016, in the fire case that already proved a cause, smoking causes fire in all 16224, because smoke,cause disaster of 44 on fire on average everyday. And contrast is peaceful 2015 the data of the fire that wave city causes because of smoking: Smoking causes fire 80 cases, 1.6% what hold sum total, knowable smoking sends igneous case and rate to increase somewhat, be worth to cause take seriously.
   According to fire control branch an experiment before this makes clear, the burning point of paper is 130 ℃ about, cloth burning point is 200 ℃ , pily burning point is 210 ℃ , lumber burning point is 295 ℃ . "Pile withered leaf, butt is lost after going in, 3 minutes begin fume, 10 minutes are burned rose; As to quilt, 15 minutes are burned completely. " firemen expresses, the smoking of much hair sends igneous case, because conveniently of a lot of people throws the undesirable habit of butt,coming is, 2 it is the harm that did not realize butt at all.
   As we have learned, often press a condition to fall in normal temperature, temperature of flaming butt center can amount to 700-800 ℃ , exterior temperature can amount to 200-300 ℃ . The butt that sucks remnant by scrap hind, can continue to burn to arrive 4 minutes commonly, this paragraph of time is enough ignite a lot of combustible article. If encounter appropriate wind speed right now, or butt place has tinderbox, likely on fire. Especially butt is thrown in quilt, paring, in wood chip, may bring about Yin Ran, be discovered not easily, dangerous sex is bigger.
   In recent years, the proportion that domestic fire holds sum total of our city fire is higher and higher. Especially Qiu Dong is seasonal, with report, warm oneself enter another peak, it is period of easy hair of fire much hair more, a bit carelessly accident of incidental of all kinds fire. Fire control branch warns broad citizen, do good fire to be on guard without fail, use electric home appliances


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