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Smoking is to because of,send lung cancer head, room corrupt row the 2nd

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: The as a result of the habits and customs of people and dietary customarily the difference of the face brought about people to contract cancer odds in present life also is increasing, so be in at ordinary times the what wrong lifestyle in habits and customs can let us contract lung cancer? How does lung cancer disease prevent in the life?
Lung cancer also is a kind of cancer, its cure rate is exceedingly low, present medical treatment level returns without what very perfect method to be able to cure good cancer, whether can metropolis him concern have a lot of people so on lung cancer. The incidence of a disease of lung cancer not just very tall, and its diffuse leading is exceedingly fast, so everybody is in at ordinary times when must have done the work that defends cancer, must not let oneself also become this among them victim.
Smoking is head because of, room corrupt row the 2nd
A lot of people like to smoke now, when you smoke, in the lung that the chemical material that those cigarette contain can enter human body, such harm to lung are very big. Secondhand the smoke harm to lung also nots allow to ignore, so everybody must be far from smoke flavour at ordinary times, do not let flavour of him nose smoke. The person that often smokes must eat fruit and vegetable more, periodic discharges poison for the body, can reduce the happening of lung cancer so.
So, is tobacco how enroach on of our lung? Tobacco can produce more than kinds of 4000 chemical material in combustion process, contain a variety of carcinogenic substance among them, if be mixed with much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon inferior a variety of carcinogenic substance that saltpetre amine gives priority to and phenol kind hurried cancer content. Not only such, tobacco still is met the natural defense system that undermine drops lung. Enraging both sides, small short-haired pelt of a lot of ciliary that be called is sent, these hair can rise to hold back toxin, bacterium and virus will protect the action of lung. And nicotian aerosol will be paralytic cilium, make they cannot normal " the job " , bring about carcinogen to build up more easily thereby in lung, cause lung cancer.
Usually, smoking amount is larger, inspiratory lung is deeper, so the odds that this moment contracts lung cancer and dangerous sex are bigger. Smoke 20 years of above, 20 years old of the following beginning smoke, everyday smoking quantity is in of 20 above, need to satisfy only, so belong to the tall hair crowd that contracts lung cancer easily.
Bring about the 2nd element of lung cancer, it is indoor air pollution, include to decorate, furniture pollution and cooking lampblack are polluted. Among them, indoor radon pollutes the lung cancer that be called " the 2nd killer " . Radon is included by international cancer research organization indoor the most dangerous carcinogenic substance, its are main origin is housing materials and interior decoration material, brick of a few scoria, the housing materials such as slag brick contains the radium of different level normally, a few granite, ceramic tile, clean is provided wait for interior decoration material to contain taller uranium, the meeting after radium and uranous disintegration produces radon.
Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline wants before it is too late, indoor and ventilated good
Although the mortality of lung cancer, house of occurence rate in pairs is tall, but in fact lung cancer is one of cancer that can prevent most.
If want to be far from lung cancer, the business that everybody should do above all wants cigarette of Buddhist monastic discipline namely. The happening of lung cancer and smoking have the connection of 90% , enough of such a number allow authority smoke of give up of as soon as possible. Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is earlier, suffer from on the odds of lung cancer can be jumped over small. Smoking the everybody inside 10 years may not see the body can have the place with uncomfortable what, but when when your age is nodded greatly, can appear of a lot of defect.
Next, of use environmental protection decorate material, prevent indoor air pollution; Want in the home constant ventilated, go out should wear guaze mask.
Lampblack is prevented when cooking
Smoke expert investigates discovery, kitchen lampblack already became menace of our life health invisible killer. The high temperature lampblack of the generation when cooking, can produce poisonous smoke, bring about indoor environment to worsen, poisonous aerosol stimulates eye and pharynx and larynx for a long time, can injure the cell of respiratory system, if do not try to protect, accumulate for a long time cause lung cancer likely. So, must open when the fried dish take lampblack chance, maintain a kitchen good and ventilated, reduce deepfry, decoct fries the cooking of food, as far as possible low oily lukewarm cook.
Besides, in at ordinary times the food and drink that science has in the life and eat the vegetables and fruits with fresh forehead of below one I more, undertake athletic sports maintains good mood appropriately, go living with active and upbeat mood, the life that assures you has the law very much, avoid exceeding overworked and exhaustion, can help us very well so fatigue close the door on. And also be to need to have seasonable make a diagnosis and give treatment the patient of chronic to lung illness, avoid ailment to pull big disease.


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