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See the impact of smoking and lung cancer

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Cause lung cancer incidence of a disease, the reason that mortality year after year rises, basically be the effect that suffers people surroundings and lifestyle, smoke among them the crowd expands, secondhand smoke harm is serious it is most outstanding reason.
● husband smokes, the wife suffers from lung cancer risk to add 3 into
Consider to make clear, "Secondhand smoke " otherer crowd wants the risk that crowd meet with contracts lung cancer tall 20% ~ 30% , the risk that smoking female smokes because of the husband and does not contract lung cancer can increase 30% .
Smoking is already was highed high by the accepted first place that causes lung cancer element, because long-term and active smoking or passivity are inspiratory,the lung cancer of 80 % above is " secondhand smoke " be caused by. Data shows, the person that incidence of a disease compares the lung cancer of smoking crowd not to smoke is 10 times taller ~ 20 times, among them 23 times the odds that the person that the male smokes contracts lung cancer is the person that do not smoke, the female is 13 times.
● " smoking index " be more than 400 for Gao Wei crowd
When smoke civilian smoking is measured to measure on medicine, take the number that smokes everyday commonly year of number with smoking, say for " smoking index " . When " smoking index " be more than 400, that is to say if smoke everyday 20, smoking achieves 20 years, with respect to the tall danger crowd that can label lung cancer. And the age that begins smoking is earlier, the dangerous sex that contracts lung cancer is bigger also. 20 years old of crowds that begin smoking below want special bring to sb's attention. In addition, a few lung are chronic disease patient, be like chronic bronchitic, tuberculosis, diffuse qualitative fiber is changed between sexual lung etc, the odds that produces lung cancer also prep above someone else group.
● does not smoke curative effect of lung cancer patient is apparently good at smoking person
Be in clinical in discovery, it is apparently good that the lung cancer patient that does not smoke wants in the effect on cure at smoking person. Hold to smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline 10 years above, the dangerous sex that contracts lung cancer compares the person that continue to smoke to reduce an in part. Visible, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline and fixed sieve are checked, just be step of foregone significant lung cancer prevention and cure. Suggest 40 years old above, smoke for a long time, have tumor familial history, the profession is exposed history wait for Gao Wei crowd, undertake lung cancer sieve is checked every year.


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