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China 7 concern with smoking into slow block lung

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Accuse knowledge to popularize slow block lung to prevent to the public, on November 21, hospital of people of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region was held " lung of understanding slow block, free enjoys breath " justice examine propaganda.
   The reporter understands, this looks very small numerous disease is considered as by medical bound " silent killer " .
   According to statistic, our country every death has 1 person to die at slow block lung in 10 people; Dweller of 40 years old of above, there is 1 person to suffer from slow block lung about in every 10 people.
   According to dean of hospital of people of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, sun Dejun of leader of course of division of medicine of serious illness of breath and danger introduces, full name of slow block lung is disease of lung of chronic block sex, main symptom is chronic cough, the be discouraged after expectoration and activity. Harm of slow block lung is serious, it is the world reason of death of the 3rd big illness, the number that causes death every year exceeds 1 million, the first place of rural death reason ranks in our country. Inside patient of slow block lung, having 7 Chengdu is smoke or the somebody in the home smokes, the crowd incidence of a disease of 40 years old of above is higher. But regretful is, slow block lung did not cause the attention of people, witting rate of the public is inferior still.
   Because nicotian harm and air are polluted, the element such as allergy, more and more respiratory tract diseases often are endangering the health of people, cause lobar function damage very easily. According to clinical data statistic, the patient of slow block lung that has 1/3 above does not have apparent symptom, when discovery breathes difficulty, when be checked again, often the harm of lobar function had arrived to compare serious rate. Accordingly, the examination that strengthens pair of lung functions is very necessary.
   Sun Dejun suggests, 5 kinds of people should check lobar function regularly, include to smoke for a long time or suffer secondhand smoke harm; Cough chronically, expectoration; Breath symptom person; Working and contaminative gas often is contacted in surroundings, dust person; And the crowd that the age is more than 40 years old should check lobar function every year; Already the patient of disease of chronic respiratory tract needs diagnose more every 3~6 function of the lunar lung that monitor, in order to understand the progress situation of the illness, undertake effectively medicationing.


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