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Smoking also can increase the probability of head cold

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Our country is the biggest nicotian production on the world and consumptive country, smoking number is as high as 350 million, and the harm that at least 500 million person is sufferring passive smoking! Well-known, smoking is very big to influence of human body lung, but what a lot of people do not know is, love smoking also can increase the probability of people head cold greatly!
About the smoking influence to the cold, university of British Ka Difu ever had done a such research: Scientists above all draw-out 498 healthy volunteers, to its health undertakes dogging investigating, once discover the cold is snorty,wait for a symptom to undertake registering, investigate and study. The result shows, in 188 head cold, great majority has the habit of smoking, and be being taken akin medication below, the time that smoking crowd needs to restore is apparent than smoking the crowd should grow, the probability that the cold has a relapse is high also. This shows, smoking can affect our lung only not simply, still can make us easier catch a cold.
Where is the person easy cold that why loves smoking? The doctor made such explanation: Often smoke, can bring about respiratory tract structure to produce change, the influence enrages a phlegmy ability, secrete what drop respiratory tract normally, the immune strength that causes respiratory tract thereby and resist the ability of the disease drops in the round, make nasal cavity stops flu virus hard, of bacterium and dirt invade, cause respiratory tract infection extremely easily then, for the person that contrast does not smoke, old smoke civilian people appear more easily the cold is snorty, cough, have a fever wait for a symptom. And after the cold, if still continue to smoke, so inspiratory aerosol toxin can stimulate our respiratory tract continuously, reduce the mobile capacity of leucocyte, make cold disease aggravating, course of diseases is lengthened.
Accordingly, doctor proposal is progressively smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, the habits and customs with good nurturance, strengthen the body to take exercise at the same time, in order to raise virus of self defense cold, bacterial ability, put an end to the happening of the cold from fountainhead. But, to what a lot of smoking become addiction for smoke civilian, this one proposal uses tobacco of Buddhist monastic discipline falsely and time is too long, a lot of people cannot hold to, the cold is then snorty, cough, the old trouble such as sore throat as before frequency hair. To this kind of circumstance, proposal ladies and gentlemen is old smoke civilian has had beforehand a patulin, catch a cold in case snorty early discovery can be achieved when how doing, early treatment, early rehabilitation.
So what patulin suits old smoke more civilian people use, can you help us solve a cold more snorty the anxious hour that how runs? We are knowable in the analysis from the doctor, often because smoking brings about function of human body immunity to drop,the biggest reason that smoke civilian catchs a cold is, body resistance spreads feeling virus, bacterial ability is abate, just make a cold organic can be taken the advantage of! Accordingly, to smoking for a long time and one chooses to have disease-resistant poison for the person that often catchs a cold, restrain the patulin with bacterial remarkable ability to be beautiful, if connect beautiful clear acute communicable diseases. It is wide chart disease-resistant poison, restrain a bacterium to affect ability conspicuous, the n&v snuffle that because immune power is low,causes in the light of cure, shed tears, sneeze, cough, have a fever etc cold symptom effect is conspicuous, be included national level 13 times to treat armour flu, second flu, the plan of diagnosis and treatment such as avian flu, it is a people " the cold is snorty how to do " the patulin that duration must trust.
It is reported, be opposite considering force of human body immunity cure and the value that prevent a cold, get on even capsule of the acute communicable diseases that spend Qing Dynasty or market exclusive one Tibet still was joined to be able to bear or endure in using medical conpatibility of medicines Gao Han, be able to bear or endure anoxic, have enhance function of human body immunity, improve the health the plant red red-spotted stonecrop of action, while cure catchs a cold, return the constitution that can enhance flu patient, increase disease-resistant rehabilitation capacity, because precautionary resembling smokes, stay up late the circumstance that waits for undesirable habits and customs to cause a cold to break out repeatedly happens. A few days ago, lian Huaqing acute communicable diseases is formal already open American food and medicaments management board (FDA) 2 period clinical research, be about to enter the daily life of American.
Often is smoke civilian cold snorty how to do? Not want confused, exercise actively, hard smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, a good patulin goes up fully in the meantime, can let a cold be far from you.


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