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See smoking have what harm to psoriasis patient

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Psoriasis is disease of common skin of one seed coat, suffer from on the cure that this kind of disease should notice to as soon as possible discovers as soon as possible, but precaution of the psoriasis in the life also has a lot of, watchful matter wants in the life or have a lot of, especially the patient smokes, the psychology that meets a patient produces serious effect, so does smoking have a harm to psoriasis patient?
   Cigarette is very adverse to preventing psoriasis. It can cause infection revulsive rash produces accentuation, it is to cause disease happening, the important segment of development, smoking is one disaster after another to psoriasis it may be said, the psoriasis patient that minority comes on hints smoking can alter an illness, accordingly, smoking is very adverse to psoriasis, patient must not smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, and avoid passivity suck secondhand smoke, foreign scientist early smokes everyday with respect to the report about 15 dangerous sexes to psoriasis patient are quite tall, and, the amount is more the more dangerous.
   Psoriasis patient smoking can bring very big impact to lung not only, also have very great harm to respiratory tract and heart and vessels. The mucous membrane of respiratory tract suffers the injury of smoking to be able to produce inflammation, can make allergic material is absorbed through tracheal mucous membrane, the immune cell of activation lung, cause immune reaction to be able to accentuate inflammation, the person that passivity smokes also has similar reaction, the boy is more sensitive than the girl, blood-vessel of the cerebra after smoking is outspread, 10 ~ behave excitement inside 15 minutes, cerebrum activity is strengthened, turn after that to restrain, the psoriasis patient of smoking still can cause leucocyte happening pathological change, make leucocyte activation is affected.


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