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These 8 kinds of flowers can absorb the harmful gas that smoking causes effectively

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: "Smoking is easy difficult " of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, the human body of smoking meets less than suction secondhand the anguish of smoke. There is pregnant woman child in the home especially, secondhand the harm of smoke is really great. Today, small make up everybody to recommend 8 kinds of flowers, can absorb the harmful gas that smoking causes effectively, return the good method that can tell everybody in winter conserve these are spent.
These 8 kinds of flowers can absorb flue gas
1, chinese ivy
Chinese ivy, the small persnickety Kong Neng on blade absorbs the formaldehyde in air and nicotine effectively, change into hurtless candy and amino acid, return the aerosol that can absorb smoking to arise, boycott the carcinogen in nicotine.
Winter conserve:
1, room temperature: Room temperature of Chinese ivy winter cannot under 10 ℃ .
2, illumination: Should put in the light to compare enough place.
3, water: Winter wants control to water, it is not beyond the mark to hold basin ground dry can.
2, drug taking is careless
The oxygen of nicotine translate into that drug taking grass can produce the smoking in air and carbon dioxide, still can absorb smoke taste peculiar smell, disinfection is antiseptic.
Winter conserve:
1, room temperature: Winter room temperature cannot low 0 ℃ .
2, illumination: Make sure illumination is enough.
3, water: Cannot water overly, hold basin ground dry.
4, clip: Although grow faster, but build before the Beginning of Winter in the winter can safe hibernate.
3, iron line brake
Iron line brake can purify indoor air, absorb harmful to human body gas, still can make popular feeling affection is loosened, conduce to the quality that improves Morpheus.
Winter conserve:
1, room temperature: Iron line brake not cold-resistant, room temperature should maintain in 5 ℃ above, be in under brake of line of 5 ℃ iron grow backwater condition.
2, illumination: Increase the illumination intensity of morning and evening and time appropriately, but should avoid noonday illumination.
3, water fertilizer: Decrease water, maintain basin earth to slant dry, do not fertilize.
4, if winter is indoor temperature on the high side, air humidity will be inferior, notice compensatory air humidity.
4, camellia
Camellia can absorb the 2 oxidation sulfur with very strong noxiousness through blade, through oxidation its translate into the material of avirulent or low noxiousness.
Winter conserve:
1, room temperature: Avoid temperature is exorbitant, appropriate temperature is 2~10 ℃ .
2, ventilated: Want time take a breath opening a window, best everyday morning and evening opens a window ventilated.
3, put: Change the position not frequently, some beautiful friend foster potted flower to love to change put the position, throw into confusion very easily so the growth of beautiful flower the rule, the influence grows and blossom normally.
4, fertilization: Do not fertilize before the flower, if blossom before fertilization often is met a bud " very " drop, bring about flower of deadlocked bud deadlocked. Accordingly, potted camellia winter does not fertilize commonly into room hind.
5, narcissus
Narcissus can absorb the waste gas in the home, release fresh air, still can absorb noise at the same time, build good household atmosphere.
Winter conserve:
1, room temperature: Maintain room temperature to be in 10-15 ℃ .
2, illumination: Put in sunny indoor, nightly but below park lamplight.
3, fertilization: Do not need fertilization.
4, put: Daffodil is placed in the sitting room aptly, cannot put in the bedroom, harmful and healthy.
6, bamboo of curvature of the spinal column
Bamboo of curvature of the spinal column is natural " ashman " . The experiment makes clear, bamboo of curvature of the spinal column can keep clear of the of 80% harmful gas in air, still have nightly the peculiar competence that attracts carbon dioxide, raise it is certain to have in the bedroom purify indoor airy action.
Winter conserve:
1, temperature: Happy event is warm, winter is indoor live through the winter cannot under 5 ℃ .
2, moisture: Happy event is wet, basin ground keeps dry and do not crack, embellish and not wet had better. Winter cannot give gush of face of blade water, otherwise face of blade can appear black stain, nigrescent even and cankered.
3, sunshine: Relatively be able to bear or endure shade, should avoid strong light point-blank, appropriate puts Chao Na's windowsill.
7, silver-colored empress
Silver-colored empress purifies ability with its distinctive air celebrated, the concentration of the contaminant in air is higher, it can develop its to purify ability more! Can purify formaldehyde, the harmful gas such as nicotine.
Winter conserve:
1, illumination: Happy shade, the place with illumination bad condition also can grow.
2, water: Hold basin ground wet.
3, temperature: Winter room temperature cannot under 12 ℃ .
8, chiliad wood
The lamina of chiliad wood and root ministry can absorb xylene, toluene, 3 chloric ethylene, benzene and formaldehyde, decompose its for avirulent material.
Winter conserve:
1, room temperature: Temperature is in 20, grow between 35 ℃ exuberant, in winter under 10 ℃ , must take heat preservation step.
2, water: Maintain soil wet environment can.
3, illumination: Park is indoor bright or be in without sunshine but, if be put for a long time at indoor, want 1 week to bask 1 times to be beautiful only.

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