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Consider to discover: Smoking and closely related birth quality

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Consider to discover, smoking and closely related birth quality. The Bi of benzene third anthracene that cigarette produces in combustion process has the effect that causes cellular mutation, opposite breed cell has damage, oocyte and spermatozoon are in the mutation of genetic factor respect, can bring about fetal deformation and intelligence low. To this, beautiful musical instrument of Liu of doctor of vice director of internal medicine of breath of hospital of Beijing grand blessing is being accepted " Chinese consumer signs up for " the proposal when the reporter is interviewed, the half an year before the husband and wife that the plan is pregnant had better is pregnant is complete smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline.
  Smoking is to be pregnant big fear
  "Smoking is pregnant big fear. " Liu Meiqin points out, because of tobacco medium nicotine is opposite the appearance of spermatozoon, active force, ability of linear move about and spermatozoon are penetrable the ability of ovum all influential, the likelihood brings about generated oosperm to have drawback. In the meantime, the nicotine in cigarette has cause vasomotor effect, woman uterus is vasomotor, go against spermatozoon to wear bed. In addition, the toxic substance that conceives pregnancy cigarette can be sucked to get blood of the mother's body as aerosol in, make the hematic oxygen content of the mother's body is reduced, the hematic oxygen content in placenta also decreases subsequently, fetal as a result of anoxic, can cause grow stunt, cause deformation, abortion. Research returns discovery, male smoking also has negative effect to spermatozoon. The male smokes everyday the 30 person that raise above, the scale of abnormal spermatozoon exceeds 20% , and smoking time grows more, abnormal spermatozoon heals much. After quiting smoking half an year, spermatozoon square recoverable normal.
  Smoking affects fetal growth
  Smoking is very big also to fetal influence. The experiment makes clear, the generation that the model discovered in the uric fluid of unripe child of smoking woman place the carcinogen at tobacco. "Fetal absorbed nicotine through umbilical cord, change it in liver carcinogen, outside eliminating put oneself in another's position through the kidney finally, make so fetal liver, kidney and lung all got damage. " Liu Meiqin says. In the meantime, pregnancy suffers the stimulation of smoke, what can cause genetic gene is choppy, the growth with influence embryo facial jaw development, bring send darling harelip, harelip, harelip. The data makes clear, 23 times of the mother of quantitative dispute smoking that smoking mother place gives birth to congenital oaf. The person that smoke brings about fetal happening not to have a head, cleft palate, harelip, 2.5 times waiting for oaf with constitution development obstacle is the person that do not smoke more gawkish. And consider to discover according to newest science, the child is long-term and passive smoke, intelligence quotient value can fall two are nodded. "Can replace peace " it is a kind of material that produces when nicotine is decomposed, in child blood once increase,can measure for Ning Han, their read, maths and inferential ability can drop.
  How long can smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline be pregnant?
  So how long can smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline be pregnant? Consider to discover, the woman that often smokes begins to reduce smoking number in before be pregnant 20 weeks or stop to smoke, the baby of the person that what give birth to infantile weight to smoke at be not accessibly, but still have congenital unusual danger, this is by be pregnant place of the smoking before inchoate phase perhaps is pregnant causes. To this Liu Meiqin points out, generally speaking, before be pregnant 3 to 6 months, the men and women is bilateral smoke of should complete ring, that is to say, if the condition allows, both sides of proposal husband and wife shifts to an earlier date half an year is far from cigarette. Besides smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, still need Buddhist monastic discipline to drop nicotine relevant product, include to stick agent or buccal glue agent to wait.


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