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Smoking can cause what disease

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Everybody knows smoking is harmful, but what is major person does not know specific harm. Smoke actually most let lung

Get hurt, and have not little harm to heart head blood-vessel.

Smoking can cause what disease

   1, sudden death

   Why to smoke to bring about the happening of sudden death easily? We know cigarette contains a lot of chemical material. The expert expresses, the carbon monoxide in aerosol

Be cause coronary artery spasm one big advocate because of; And the fine that it still can cause ventricle with the nicotine in cigarette quivers, bring about the formation of thrombus. Above

A variety of elements are the happening that causes sudden death easily.

   2, lung cancer

   Smoking brings about the happening of lung cancer, this everybody knows. Because apperception of hydroxide of scent of the many annulus in aerosol closes matter,this basically is style can follow inside inspiratory body inside

A kind of activation is enzymatic produce reaction to form a kind to be called benzene to compare 2 mellow oxide. Be the basic mutation that this kind of oxide controls tumor, and cause lung cancer

. Actually smoking is to cause lung cancer not just, it still can bring about cancer of the stomach, more than 10 kinds of cancer such as oral cavity cancer.

   3, disease of heart head blood-vessel

   Smoking can bring about serous fibrin to increase, what the function that causes cruor thereby appears is disorder. Not only such, smoking still can bring about hemal systole.

These two kinds of circumstances can cause high blood pressure or of coronary heart disease form. Smoking still can cause rhythm of the heart wrong, apoplectic etc.

   4, eyesight ebbs

   Smoking can make your eyesight more and more ambiguous, eyesight decline is severe. Because smoking can bring about the agglutinate force of plaque to lift,this is, add fibrin

increase with the contractility that reachs blood-vessel, the quantity offerring blood that makes eyesight neurological decreases cause eyesight decline.


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