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These 5 kinds of methods can reduce the harm of smoking

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: 1, compensatory Selenium element

The person of smoking, the selenium element content in the blood inside body can drop somewhat, and selenium element is a kind of microelement that prevents cancer. If selenium element is being lacked inside human body, the incidence of a disease of cancer is met greatly heighten. The man that so the expert suggests to often smoke should eat the food with the rich element that contain selenium more daily, for example sesame seed, malt, yeast.

2, compensatory vitamin

Long-term smoking can bring about what what lay in inside the body to fight oxidation element, the vitamin is used up quickly, and the oxidation material in the body can increase somewhat again. If cannot complement in time,the vitamin can have caused oxidation.

The man diet of smoking can eat fresh vegetable fruit more, eat the meat less kind, an alkalescent physiology environment is created inside human body.

3, drink tea more

In the process of smoking, a few compound in aerosol can bring about the film inside artery to add thick, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice secretes a quantity to decrease and the heighten of blood sugar is waited a moment. Avoid these compound to stop inside body, can drink tea more.

Because the tea in tea is much phenolic, theine, a variety of composition such as vitamin C, the intention that disclose can arrive since toxic to these substance. At the same time tea has diuretic effect again, can help the eduction that promotes toxic substance.

4, eat the food that reduces cholesterol more

Smoking can bring about the cholesterol in blood-vessel and adipose deposition to increase, the quantity offerring blood of cerebrum decreases, bring about encephalatrophy easily, quicken the ageing of cerebrum. To avoid so cholesterol is mixed adipose the accumulation inside body, had better eat the fat that contains fatty acid less, eat to be able to be reduced or restrain cholesterol complex food more, for example bean products and tall fibrous food.

5, eat alkalescent food more

The harm of composition of the nicotine in cigarette to human body is very big, those who become a person is humoral appear alkalescent when, can reduce the absorption to nicotine. Eat a fruit more, vegetable, the alkalescent food such as soja, the OK and effective absorptivity that reduces nicotine. At the same time these alkalescent food still can stimulate the exudation of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, increase the peristalsis of intestines and stomach, can avoid indigestion, abdominal distension the happening that waits for a symptom.

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