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See smoking have what harm to adolescent

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: At present 20 years old of the following adolescent and children predict China the person that 200 million person becomes smoking, among them at least 50 million person will die early because of smoking (35 ~ die 69 years old) .
   Consider to make clear, most person smokes only then at teenage period. The person that 90% manhood smoke begins to smoke before 18 years old. In good-paying country, the smoke person of 80% above begins to smoke in teenage period, in medium income country, the most person that smoke begins to smoke in 20 years old or so. Habit of smoking of nurturance of the meeting after adolescent of 1/3 ~ 1/2 tries to smoke becomes addiction, if do not smoke 20 years old before, the possibility that smokes after the adult is reduced greatly. Teenage smoking is become gradually low age the tide that turn, and the age that begins smoking is earlier, more possible heavy all one's life spend smoking, and final meeting dies at smoking relevant disease. Heavy all one's life the possibility that spends smoking is larger, the possibility of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is less; The smoking amount after manhood is larger, the harm that tobacco causes to body place is greater. Generally speaking, the age that begins smoking is smaller, suffer from on the age of heart disease or lung cancer can be jumped over young.
   Smoking can raise heart head blood-vessel not only, the incidence of a disease of the disease such as respiratory system, and having bigger harm sex to adolescent. Consider to make clear according to medicine, adolescent is lying development period, physiology system, the organ has not mature, the resistance of harmful to outside ambient element relatively the adult is young, absorb poison easily, grow what damage the body normally; Smoking injures brain, the person that smoke suffers from cerebral hemorrhage (arachnoid haemorrhage finishing speech) machine rate is 6 times more than normal person, smoking makes thinking slow, memory drops, suffer from easily on cold and cough, ear path is affected, the influence learns and work.
   Smoking adolescent is more incommensurate motion, in dash and long-distance running respect relatively inferior, partial reason is to be based on the smoking influence to lobar function. To average person character, lobar function can grow as the age and ebb, but the lobar function of smoking adolescent degrades speed comparing is the same as age the person that does not smoke should be gotten quickly much. Citing says, 16 years old and the smoke person that smokes 20 cigarette everyday, its lung function is equivalent to the person that a blame of 28 years old smokes about.


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