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Listen to 3 hands smoke to have a harm to human body

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Will report on June 21 according to network of Japanese Livedoor news, latter a lot of person that promote ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade are in a flourish of trumpets the harm of 3 hands smoke. 3 hands smoke one word was taken the lead in putting forward by the United States 2009. The cigarette that oneself smoke is called smoking, so called " inspiratory deputy shed smoke " be called 2 times smoking (secondhand smoke) , also be by extend the meaning now " be smoked " . When the person that 3 times smoking points to smoking wears the clothing and other articles of daily use that accompanies cigarette ash to ambulate in the home, volatilize as what some nicotian part contain in cigarette ash, will bring inspiratory such airy people are harmed the 3rd times.
This makes we can't help associating to blessing island the car that postaccident of explosion of the first nuclear power plant ever had hearsay to say that this cannot stand by blessing island license plate, can be infected by radiation. 3 hands smoke one word also ever by use in the TV program, have the sign that grow in intensity quite in recent years accordingly. Japan " ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade of Japan of NPO legal person learns " Ben Shunbai of advisory M.d. palace once also emphasized " if cannot fulfil indoor and overall ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade will cannot prevent 3 hands smoke " .
However a lot of people can't help holding suspicion, think this is the processing of bacteria of pair of the person that smoke, also smoke to 3 whether hold science basis generated question. The scientist expresses, according to the investigation of national cancer research center, passive smoking (smoke 2 times namely) the 1.02-1.03 that sends cancerous possibility to be Everyman times, and the rate causing cancer that gets the person that 3 hands smoke is affected is approximately 1, keep balance basically with Everyman.
3 smoking are denied likewise in paper
Crane reputation professor also accepted the show below the pine that static ridge county establishs an university to interview subsequently. He expresses to be able to understand Everyman to be opposite the smoke flavour on body of the person that smoke holds allergy, but the chroma of the smoke in tobacco is ignited from smoke that removes the instant to diffuse momently, for unignited 1/20 before, be by dilute after classics count hour extremely one of. And the adherent smoke on the hair can not endanger the health of Everyman, the smoking harm to human body has not confirm 3 times in the findings of epidemiology.
Professor Qiushanxingxiong of industrial medical university expresses, the person that claims 3 times to smoke to have a harm to human body thinks generally, the chemical reaction that the certain material in the harmful material in the adherent tobacco on dress wall and air produces arose new harmful kill material. Still have no any paper to confirm this one point of view however. The smoke when barbecue can release a tar likewise, but think without the person the wall with barbecue inn or table contact will be right healthy generation influence.
Particle learns the home, tokyo farming is versed in Professor Shi Lang expresses the hill of the university, the material that place of the smoke in tobacco contains is very small particle actually, should adhere to in clothings power of the particle when going up is very weak, accordingly these particle can stay in fiber, release very hard again from inside clothings. Because 3 times this smoking is opposite,affect very little healthily.


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