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Electronic smoke can dispel the worry of the gain weight after smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is very difficult. Succeed with respect to smoke calculating Buddhist monastic discipline, you still have a lot of problems to want to answer -- include among them fat.

Consider to make clear, the rear body in smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline meets the very much person that smoke to be able to increase again. Because their be enlightened takes food too,this is on one hand (especially sweetmeat) will disperse attention, because nicotine itself has,be on the other hand control appetitive function, appetitive is brought about to rebound in the meeting after cutting off.

A few smoke civilian try to come with electronic smoke the habit that Buddhist monastic discipline drops smoking, however they discover accidentally, besides, electronic smoke still can dispel the worry that the rear body of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline raises again.

One just the 20 aged smoke of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline civilian say: "When just beginning smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, oneself want to eat sweet food particularly, think otherwise ' answer suck ' . I decide to be replaced with electronic smoke later, him discovery is right as a result the longing of sweetmeat and cigarette slowly subsidise. Him discovery is right as a result the longing of sweetmeat and cigarette slowly subsidise..

However at the same time also many people state electronic smoke can let them like to eat sweet food more only, do not have the effect with good what at all. Whether does electronic smoke have this one specially good effect to still cannot leave final conclusion far really so.

And, the flavour that the specially good effect of sweetmeat of Buddhist monastic discipline of electronic smoke appears to follow smoke concerns couplet quite, a lot of people state the belt is only sweet electronic smoke just is the key that cures appetite of bring up the rear of cigarette give up to be added instead, want large-scale carry out the belt is sweet electronic tobacco tar.

However legislative branch and healthy orgnaization are very vigilant to sweet taste tobacco tar, because they feel this kind of flavour attracts smoke of children suck electron very likely, FDA wants to prohibit adding all fragrance that include sweet taste inside in electronic tobacco tar even.


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