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See smoking have what harm to liver

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Annual May 31 is world smokeless day. And this year will rise in June, be known as " history on the most severe " code accusing smoke will be carried out, limits of Beijing whole town is public, yard place will prohibit smoking inside indoor environment and public traffic tool; There also is restriction more to smoking outdoor, like when queueing up, prohibit smoking etc. The person that violate will be in the amerce with high specified number.
   So strict ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, are you support still objects? Smoking people can think generally to respiratory tract, lung, the heart and vessels have greatest harm, actually it still has very great harm to liver. If do not control smoking amount, have very much as the development of time so still can promote chronic liverish development, can cause liver cancer even.
   Actually, it endangers healthy reason, contain more than 1000 kinds of material that endanger the body in cigarette, everybody is the heppest is carbon monoxide, nicotine, still have alcohol however kind, phenolic kind, alkyl hydrocarbon, alkene, carbonyl compound, the heavy metal element material that has serious harm to the body. Smoke when us so when, besides the smoke of inspiratory lung, still a branch enters digestion, immediately flows to the whole body circularly through blood.
   So why to say smoking hurts liver? Need undertakes the nicotine in cigarette metabolizing through lung and liver, be like many smoking, so the working load that certainly will wants aggravating and hepatic detoxify. And the excitement that nicotine can arouse a person, can make vasomotor at the same time aggravating blood sticks consistency. Such meetings make liver decreases for blood, cause liver to be short of break nutrition. Still a bit enter blood through lung as a result of carbon monoxide namely, meeting and red blood cell undertake combinative, can cause liver so anoxic, go against the rehabilitate of liver cell and second birth.
   The place on put together is narrated, smoking is very serious to hepatic harm, so why borrowing this overall ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade to drop smoke ring? Can discharge pair of hepatic a few needless harm so, because smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is long plan, because this is in smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline while take a few sunflower to protect liver piece, it a medium the root of Chinese thorowax, capillary artemisia enters courage classics, can scanty liver solves gloomy, clear hot advantage is wet. Still can promote hepatic alexipharmic capability at the same time, conduce to the eduction of the toxin after smoking, quite much to body benefit.


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