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This 3 old bad habit and smoking are endangered euqally

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Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: According to month of Livedoor1 of Japanese portal website article of 13 daily newspaper reports, does everybody know smoking can quicken skin ageing flabby? Not only such, smoke or have a reason of the disease such as hypertension and cancer, say smoking is so 100 kill and do not have one benefit. But although do not smoke the person also has a few bad habits that are the same as effect with smoking probably in daily life, these bad habits perhaps compare nicotine to the harm of the body bigger. SHAPE of English information website summed up health of a few harms to shorten for everybody the bad habit of life, look together.
1, often eat the meat
The person that carnivorous fastens should notice. The records that the United States metabolizes inside some technical research cell says, the person that often feeds animal albumen is opposite and character life is briefer, the probability that dies at cancer is 4 times higher also. This and smoke civilian the odds that dies at cancer is almost identical. Accordingly, do not absorb animal albumen only, also answer to absorb vegetable protein appropriately.
2, watch TV for long
Probably can a lot of people do not believe " like why seeing TV and smoking be like why seeing TV and smoking, opposite is the body bad? " of course, TV itself does not have a problem, those who have a problem is to watch TV for long.
A certain investigation of Kun Shilan university shows Australia, suck the life that a smoke can reduce about 11 minutes. And even if the person that does not smoke, passed 25 years old, every see TV life one hour can shorten jump over 21.8 minutes. Because hold sitting position for long,this is also be the reason that has cancer and heart disease.
3, beverage of tipple carbonic acid
According to a certain health of the United States investigation can know, one day drinks about one cup (ageing of meeting immunize cell makes an appointment with beverage of 237ml) carbonic acid 2 years. If drink two cups everyday half (592ml) , upright bead (chromosome endmost duplicates sequence) meeting ageing makes an appointment with 5 years, this and smoking are same result.
The tea that does not have candy because of still had better choosing when this is thirsty or water.
Place of above of no less than introduces, although be some of small habit, but the harm that its bring nots allow however small inspect, everybody must great attention. Everybody ought to have a healthy habit in the life, hold balanced diet and proper campaign. If have a few habits of above, must mend his ways come.


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