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Smoking is caused easily chronic bronchitic

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Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: According to Guangzhou daily report, american disease control and precautionary center published data of a research recently, smoke a smoke to be able to let a person decrease birthday nearly 14 minutes, a packet of smoke decreases birthday 4.6 hours, every cups of wine can decrease birthday 6.6 hours, above number reachs according to decreasing birthday formula to calculate, namely: Average life expectancy - = of average death age decreases age age, the it may be said of the watch that decrease birthday that according to this formula computation gives is shocking, the smoke that becomes addiction to smoking civilian people have caution effect.
   China cure learns Shanghai lung science to meet committee member of committee of experts, breathe medical expert Professor Zhu Benhong to remind, the harm sex of smoking is quite big, outside the lung cancer that is familiar with besides us, long-term smoking still can bring about emphysema, chronic bronchitic wait for a disease.
   The person that smoke has ordinary person of calibration of emphysema incidence of a disease 26 times taller
   Suffer from among the person that smoke chronic bronchitic person is particularly much, , chronic bronchitic patient occupies 10 % in beautiful adult. Japan is longer, but the person that also 4% is control contracts this kind of disease. According to British investigation the data explains, smoke everyday the person of 25 above, chronic bronchitic mortality is 20 times taller than normal person. According to American statistic, smoke everyday 40, bronchitic incidence of a disease compares the person that do not smoke 8 times taller, emphysema disease is 26 times higher.
   Smoking causes bronchus cough easily
   Our country discovers in the census of lobar anxiety, smoking person is gotten bronchitic, emphysema, the person that the person of former sex heart disease compares lung not to smoke is apparent heighten. Somebody statistic, be in chronic respect of bronchitic incidence of a disease, smoking person should be compared do not smoke the person is 5.4 times taller. In fact, if track the person that observe every long-term smoking, meeting discovery must not cough chronically, the person of cough up phlegm may be not much, because from the development of pathology physiology the rule looks, chronic bronchitic the inevitable result that can saying is long-term and many smoking. Be in our country country, old people is chronic bronchitic mortality is very tall, the life of this and country defends unripe condition to concern, with majority of rural senile men and women at the same time the person smokes very relative also. The fact proves, smoking can be aggravating the symptom of respiratory tract, and the symptom of the respiratory tract after smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline improves stage by stage necessarily.
   Professor Zhu Benhong tells everybody finally, the smoking harm to respiratory tract is not to cause solely bronchitic, it has ill effect to the refreshment of lung other pathological changes. Accordingly. Periodic answers to make comprehensive inspection to the body in daily life, the patient that coughs for a long time can undertake lobar function is checked when necessary, seasonable platoon checks emphysema disease, find out the pathogeny of emphysema, seasonable have effective treatment.


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