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Smoking drinks to have what harm to cervical vertebra ill patient

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Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Smoking drinks is the life in the longest the habits and customs that see, also be older to human body harm habits and customs! Cervical vertebra ill patient must want abstinence of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline more! So, what does the harm that smoking of cervical vertebra ill patient drinks have?
   The harm of smoking:
   Smoking capacity is 1 times more, the harm amounts to 4 times. The harm that smokes namely and cigarette volume square become direct ratio. Because the harmful material such as the nicotine in smoke can cause blood capillary spasm, make blood stream slow, hemal endodermis is injured, cause oxygen of blood of cervical vertebra centrum to supply reduce, make interverbebral disc and cartilage of fluctuation centrum connective eventually board calcification, of interverbebral disc oxygen is supplied drop, trash grow in quantity, the acid-base value in interverbebral disc drops, make interverbebral disc metabolization is changed finally, happen retreat change, cause interverbebral disc to highlight.
   Drinking harm:
   Alcohol can affect calcium to pledge deposit on bone, make people suffers from an osteoporosis easily, bone bate disease, quicken cervical vertebra to retreat a sex to change. Clinical we observe, ill patient of vertebra artery cervical vertebra, if drink excessive, certainly will is aggravating its have a headache, patient of giddy; part, although a few drinking, its neck deadlocked, dizziness also can accentuate.
   Smoking drinks not small to the harm of human body, we can give up of criterion of Buddhist monastic discipline, buddhist monastic discipline does not drop need to have an amount, want measurable!


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