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3 dietotherapy just can reduce the harm of smoking

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Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Smoking is harmful and healthy, this is notorious fact, the number that smokes however has add without decrease, the male friend of a lot of smoke considering drop also is not in one day can Buddhist monastic discipline drops. To smoking person for, the harm that how reduces smoking is most important, below small the dietotherapy method that invents preserve one's health of the person that arrange a few kinds of beneficial smoking, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.

Cigarette is evil of the dry that heat up poison, smoke for a long time, hurt lung the most easily, hot and dry attack lung, announce of the gas that send lung falls lose a surname, lung enrages closing, a kind of sweet grass on igneous poison, bright fluid is become phlegmy, cause a variety of symptoms finally. Treating a field, the physiology function that is aimed at lung and the pathology with poisonous smoke are characteristic, heat up with Qing Dynasty more expectorant, lung of the embellish that raise shade is a law. Here, we introduce a few dietotherapy square, with period can pass " dietotherapy " will prevent disease of smoke source sex, reduce the harm of smoking.

Plan of dietotherapy of the person that smoke

1, soup of preserve one's health of lung of pig of pear of snow of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb

Lung extraction a pig 120 grams, abluent cut, 5 minutes are boiled in unlocking water, reoccupy cold water is abluent, do water. mother of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb 9 grams are abluent break; Xue Li into pieces gross is abluent, go the base of a fruit and pear heart, pear flesh gross cuts small. Each stock puts boiling water bowl entirely inside, slow fire boils 2 hours, the quantity is followed after flavorring drinkable.

2, health care of yam of almond snow pear is burnt

Almond extraction north 10 grams, xue Li 1, yam ground rice, white sugar is right amount. Use boreal almond boiled water dip first, go the garment, flay of pear of abluent; snow, abluent, take the flesh to cut a; next almond, snow pear bead puts mixer inside, agitate becomes slimy state. With clear water right amount, apricot pear mud, yam ground rice, white sugar is moved into mushy, enter boiling water boiler inside (boiling water makes an appointment with 100 milliliter) , ceaseless agitate, thoroughly cook can. The person that smoke follows quantity edible.

3, soup of pancreas of pig of ear of dried mushrooms snow

Pancreas extraction a pig 1, pig lean lean 60 grams, dried mushrooms 15 grams, xue Er 9 grams. First dried mushrooms dip of ear of abluent; snow leaves abluent, pick pancreas of small; pig, pig lean lean is abluent piece. Next dried mushrooms, xue Er puts bowl inside, add clear water right amount, after high heat boil, slow fire boils 20 minutes, put pig pancreas, pig lean lean, again boil, flavor can. Along with the quantity drinkable

Warmth of Kang Lu net hints: The intellectual detailed of drink of the person that above smokes 3 times is solved, everybody can try, also have a lot of other methods besides dietotherapy actually. Of course smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is the directest, but to smoke age long more difficult, so can first from proceed with of other point of view instead the effect will be a bit better, to cannot be determined the friend of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline has a few helps. Altogether, since smoking realizes the body to oneself is bad, that holds to every day, maintain everyday food and smoking quantity, no matter you see what cannot see, it is very good for certain to the body.

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