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Man smoking brings about next lips to grow cancer

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Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Shenyang 50 years old of one men smoke 20 old, still love to drink. Half an year is much the niche that he discovers to he issues a lip to holding stub constantly before, appeared a small " ulcer " , should not reply a thing, can cross half an year to still had been done not have. To hospital inspection, suffer from unexpectedly went up labial cancer. The expert expresses, smoke, drink the inducement that waiting for unhealthy addiction may be labial cancer.
   Smoking 20 issue a lip to grow cancer for years
   Laochen's smoke age, wine age has 20 old, like to holding cigarette with the mouth at ordinary times, what always contain stub in the lip is same a position, "Such I feel mouthfeel is good. " when old Chen Ping also not quite notice oral cavity is wholesome, dental aperture grew smoke spot of black.
   Half an year is much previously, next lips that Laochen discovers him appeared " ulcer " . At first, "Ulcer " be in perfunctory, he was not cared about, and he still is felt chronically with the hand, bite affected part with the tooth. After a month, "Ulcer " place touch can bleed, still appear slight aching move. Later, "Ulcer " handle the parcel that grows size of a bean gradually piece, the surface is rough, still appeared hematic scab. Laochen says: "Now and then hold out ache, I think is oral cavity ulcer, still oneself went up medicine. Still oneself went up medicine..
   After half an year, the affected part that he feels labium more and more ache, former position dare be not used when smoking repeatedly hold cigarette. To hospital inspection, what Laochen gets is labial cancer unexpectedly. He says surprisingly: "Hear smoking can cause cancer more, I think my good cancer also is to get lung cancer, is this still grown how went up in labial cancer? Is this still grown how went up in labial cancer??
   The doctor excises Laochen's focus of a disease, undertook oversewing to its affected part. Current, laochen restores basically, just issue a lip to look " it is normal to compare a few smaller " . Have a meal to was not affected with talking function.
   Doctor: Smoking drinks is labial cancer inducement
   "Labial cancer is a kind of oral cavity cancer, the patient slants with the male much, the pathogeny and long-term smoking, drink wait for unhealthy addiction to concern. " vice director Jin Chaohui introduces surgery of face of jaw of Shenyang city stomatological hospital oral cavity, because oral cavity mucous membrane gets undesirable stimulation, may bring about canceration, "If oral cavity has haemorrhage, the phenomenon such as ulcer and more than half month did not cicatrization, want to be checked in time to the hospital. Want to be checked in time to the hospital..


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