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Get up smoking suffers from cancerous risk to soar

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: A craving for tobacco makes after you get up, firm goggle want to smoke? The academic magazine with global highest factor of influence " cancer " (Cancer) publish two papers to point out continuously recently, after getting up begin very quickly to smoke, what will increase meet with to contract lung cancer and neck ministry cancer significantly is dangerous. Statistical result shows, get up smoke inside second half hour and photograph comparing smokes again after 1 hour, meet with suffers from cancer odds to have very notable difference.
   The smoke that should consider to compare nearly 5000 to contract lung cancer civilian, about 1000 smoke that contract neck ministry cancer civilian with healthy still smoke civilian data discovery, get up the smoke that smoking begins inside second half hour civilian the tobacco that the odds that contracts neck ministry cancer compares the ability after getting up at least 1 hour to begin to smoke civilian fully tower above 6 into; And the odds that contracts lung cancer is tower above more 8 into. Get up the dangerous Yiming that to what smoke inside 1 hour smoke civilian contracts afore-mentioned cancer shows second half hour the smoke that prep above smokes later civilian. If will already of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline go to already the word of smoke civilian eliminate, rise early to smoke this one habit is right " active service " the risk of cancer incidence of a disease of smoke civilian is higher.
   The viewpoint thinks, what after getting up, smoke instantly is those old heavy smoker, itself of their smoking quantity is very big, because this has cancer risk the gender is tall also. The scientist also discovers, the smoke that after those get up, smokes again later on civilian peace can be replaced in blood (nicotine metabolization child) density is lower, alluding these it seems that volume of smoke civilian smoking is relatively minor. But multinomial research discovery, time of the smoking after getting up is measured with ferial smoking and nonrelevant, the critical factor that because this this one experiment is medium,time of the smoking after getting up reachs neck ministry cancer to lung cancer and character is an independence, do not suffer the effect of smoking amount.
   Still have a kind of point of view more and more get attention, namely the gene main effect to smoking. For example choline can nicotine suffers body gene 15q25 to reach nicotine to depend on to smoking habit having main effect, consequently it also affected the cancer incidence of a disease that concerns with smoking further. Although gene is really right human behavior is influential, but the action to behavior is in social environment to go up somehow ambitious at gene. So, as long as resolved again complementary the interpose with outside ambient, buddhist monastic discipline drops the habit of a smoke since morning, it is smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline even, be not the job that finishs impossibly. Gene of although existence is relevant easy feeling, its influence also can be fallen to come lowest.
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