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Pregnant woman smoking is fetal homosexual odds becomes high

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Reported on January 25 according to Japanese Techinsight website, "Accurate mom smokes between gestation, the child becomes tall for homosexual odds " . The Er of Sa of Di Ke • that this is biology of nerve of Holand Amsterdam university holds a professor in the palm to be in England " Sunday peaceful interview person daily " the result of a research that publishs on newspaper, once print hair causes heat,discuss.
   On the packing box of cigarette, on the label of wine, long-term since imprint have " the smoking between gestation, drinking meeting is right fetal cause an effect " admonitory printed or written words. According to saying, the pregnant woman that the risk prep above of the pregnant woman premature delivery that has smoking habit does not smoke, and placenta still may happen when childbirth inchoate break away from.
   Besides these well-known common sense, professor Saertuo still was published " fetal development environment also can bring about a homosexual " this one astonishing doctrine. He says in newspaper " accurate mom's located environment, include to drink, smoke, count drug, hormonal therapeutics, air pollution besides can cause an effect to fetal development not only, after still can bringing about the child to be born produce some week of different several years to change, it is the main factor that causes a homosexual " .
   In addition, saertuo still points out: "Drink between gestation, the meeting that use drug makes infantile intelligence quotient drops, and the environmental pollution that gives priority to with air pollution and suffer from shut oneself there is inevitable connection between disease. " in addition, smoke between gestation, take synthesis hormonal agent can bring about an unripe girl possibly to become double sex to love. If amine of third of different of benzene of a shot in the arm is being contained in smoke especially, this kind of odds still can rise. What make a person accident more is, the probability that brother's much boy produces a homosexual is higher. "Compare with girl photograph, the boy's male is hormonal stronger, because this female is when unripe boy, stronger to this immune function. And permit mother mental pressure also can affect fetal sex hormonal condition " , saertuo explains to this.
   Nevertheless, saertuo still emphasizes " the genetic factor that final payoff still depends on parents " . Show level, to teaching the theory that offer, still can realise only " such different becomes possible to happen " this one degree. Hope accurate mom is in gravid in give to oneself habits and customs take seriously. Hope accurate mom is in gravid in give to oneself habits and customs take seriously..


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