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Give Xiaobai mouse " smoking " do an experiment to die, classmates are astonished unceasingly

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: To inject of a small white rat 1 milliliter cigarette immerses fluid, 2 minutes short white rat begins tic, then dies; Give a goldfish " smoking " , a smoke has not been lighted, the body of goldfish already lost a balance... eve of world cancer day, expert of province tumour hospital comes to Changsha new and high rich ability elementary school, the test that their spot does lets classmates astonish unceasingly.

Annual Feburary 4 is world cancer day, the theme this year is " cancer is the disease that can prevent " . Expert of province tumour hospital introduces, current, malignant tumor is small age change a trend to deserve people attention, this courtyard can close every year treat 20 years old of the following malignant tumor patients, some is not worth 10 years old even. Want to teach children scientific healthy way of life as a child, include to decrease fat, correct insolation, do not smoke, right amount motion.

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